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TI Life in February, 2012

It’s mid-winter but it does not feel like it as there is little snow, even in the North Country. However, it is a great time to explore TI Life. 

One of the few safe-ice weekends was captured by David Pritt who presents four videos in Ice Fishing Anyone?

We present the history of two special antique boats.  Anthony Mollica presents “Show Girl”, a Thousand Islands Classic, and Dick Sherwood, from the Finger lakes Antique Antique Boat Society tell us more about our favorite steam yacht,in The “Cangarda” Story

Dennis McCarthy tells of Washington Island’s Wreck.

Hannah Connolly gives us “Shall We Gather at the River” , her college-application essay, which she presented at last year’s Grindstone Island Christmas Day service.

Wondering about the War of 1812? Wonder no more as Alicia Wanless brings us Ready for the War of 1812

Shaun McLaughlin tells of favorite pirate, Bill Johnston, in Searching for a Pirate's Lost Lair.

Every few months Rex Ennis, Grindstone Island, brings us an island story that few know.  This month it is The “Titanic” and Grindstone

Kim Lunman returns this month with The Doctor is in and Mike Folsom rounds up the shipping year with 2011 Seaway Recap, and John Peach presents the history of Ogdensburg’s Own Automobile.

New Contributors

Alicia Wanless - Ready for the War of 1812?

Alicia Wanless is the Manager for the St. Lawrence War of 1812 Bicentennial Alliance,.  She will help to market many great events in Eastern Ontario over the next three years. A business developer and marketeer in Eastern Ontario, Alicia's focus has been on branding, market research and creative campaigns for gaining attention. Before joining the Alliance, Alicia helped small businesses grow through her cottage industry @CrowderHouse.  Alicia also sits on the board for the Spencerville Mill Foundation and the Township of Edwardsburgh-Cardinal's Community Development Committee (Ontario).
Dick Sherwood -The “Cangarda” Story

Dick Sherwood is a retired Eastman Kodak Co. Engineering Manager who has been active in the Antique and Classic Boat Society since 1985. As the Finger Lakes Chapter’s (ACBS) former newsletter editor, he has written extensively about vintage boats and boating primarily in the Finger Lakes Region over the last 20 years. He lives on the south shore of Lake Ontario near Rochester with his wife, Cynthia. 
Hannah Connolly -“Shall We Gather at the River” by Hannah Connolly

Hannah Connolly is a senior at Immaculate Heart High School in Watertown, NY.  She is the daughter of John and Rebecca Connolly and the granddaughter of Robert and Audrey Lashomb of Grindstone Island.  Hannah spends her summers on Grindstone Island where her mother's family grew up year round.  The traditions of the island have been passed down to her as you will read in this college application essay.  This past Christmas Day Hannah read her essay as part of the Grindstone Island Church service. 
(Photo by Burns Photography, Watertown NY.)
David Pritt  - Ice Fishing Anyone?

David lives in the 1000 Islands with his wife Kimberly, and daughters Katherine and Victoria. He retired retired from the Military after 27 years of
both active-and-reserve duty, and used to own a cellphone store in Watertown.  Kimberly's family is from Watertown and Clayton, and she is employed at the Jefferson Rehabilitation Center in Watertown.  The family enjoys summer exploration of the River and learning about the history of the Thousand Islands.  David has composed Christian-contemporary music and articles for faith-based magazines. He writes under several pen-names and his "nomme de plume" River Rat Doc is reserved for the images and articles he generates while living in the North Country. David also quietly helps the community by being involved with several philanthropic and fraternal groups.


Sad news

On January 24, 2012 we learned that Teresa Mitchell, 59, President and CEO of the Seaway Trail Corporation and of the Seaway Trail Foundation in Sackets Harbor died at her home in Clayton NY. Mike Folsom, TI Life Team Member wrote, “Theresa had great vision and worked to ensure that people were made aware of the @Seaway Trail and what it offered.” Like her mentor, Dr. Vincent J. Dee, Sr. Teresa was instrumental in promoting New York State tourism and our North Country. She was also the developer and managing editor of the Great Lakes Seaway Trail Travel Magazine and a series of travel guidebooks voted “Best of the Byways” by the American Recreation Coalition.   We send our condolences to Teresa’s family and her many North Country friends.

TI Life’s New Section: Excursions… coming soon…


As much as my wife and I like staying put when in residence at Comfort or Grenadier Island, there are occasions when we want to go on an excursion.


There is a wealth of interesting and stimulating places to visit an hour or two from the 1000 Islands. We have taken many short trips over the years and we are always looking for new ideas for places of visit.

I contacted Susie Smith about my idea and discovered she has also considered a resource section in TI Life as a worthy extension to the publication. I am honored to provide an initial entry into the new “Excursions” section of “Thousand Islands”

Do you have a favorite place to recommend… let us know. []


Thanks to John Peach, Richard Spooner and Don O’Neil…

Emails from two TI Life readers were welcomed…

Comment by: Richard Spooner ( Dallas TX ). December 14, 2011

I was born and raised in Ogdensburg N.Y. My grandfather was Walter E Dunn and he manufactured inboard marine engines in early 1900's and eventually 35 hp automobiles. His marine engines were known and sold all over the world.  Unfortunately he died of cancer in 1927, the year I was born,and the company, known as Dunn Motors in Ogdensburg was closed. If you have any interest in this I have pictures of him, his factory, engines, automobiles,etc.If you would like copies Please let me know. 

This was followed by an email from Don P.  O’Neil who lives on the River near Morristown.  He too wanted to learn more about Walter Dunn – so we turned to our TI Life author, John Peach.  John agreed to start the research and we hope you, our readers, will provide more.  Your editor thanks all three …

Question about the iPad



My family loves the 1000 Islands, my husband, Lars Peterson, grew up spending summers on an island up there. We live in Longmeadow, Massachusetts. Our son goes to the Brockville Sailing camp for 2 weeks in the summer and loves it.  Here is a photo of him in front of Singer Castle – you can see how happy he is to be riding in a boat in the islands? We were wondering if the magazine will be joining the electronic world of the Ipad?  I read many of my magazines on Zinio and would love to read this one as well. Best wishes for a Happy New Year!” Moira Murphy

Answer:  Thanks for your question Moira, I believe the Zinio format is for paid subscription magazines only, and because TI Life if FREE, it will not work.  However, Flipboard, which is a free software for the iPad, does have a feature for viewing TI Life.  A year ago Wellesley Islander, Larry Golden wrote an article giving instructions complete with a YouTube video.  Each month you will receive the new issue (on the 15th).

Ian’s February Wallpaper

Once again Ian Coristine shares a photograph and comment he received on his Wallpaper page.


Ian, My wife (Julia) and I have long been admirers of your photography and have several of your books. We have a boat at Spicer Marine in Clayton and try to come up as many weekends as we can and like to call the Thousand Islands our second home. Your February wallpaper image brings to mind a time we were staying in the boathouse at Bonnie Castle in May 2005. I took my dog out for her morning walk at 5:30 and found Boldt Castle shrouded in a light fog. Had to take a picture of such a serene image. You can just barely make out a light in the children's playhouse.

Thank you for sharing the beauty of the Thousand Islands with us and the rest of the world. It certainly helps us get through the winter. Regards, Dave & Julia Jurena

Facebook and Twitter

Throughout the month we look to Facebook to carry on discussions – Thousand Islands Life Magazine  -  Many readers will also share their favorite photographs.

We also started a twitter account - @TILife .   Although not as much to report this time of year, we will keep you up to date on events and TI news and information.

And let us know what stories you would like in the coming months.

Photographs of winter

We thank our photographers for sharing their wonderful images of the river:  Debbie Hirshey, Paul and Lillian Cooledge, Fred Guild and Dennis McCarthy.  For those not looking out at the mighty St. Lawrence, these may rank as second best.

Susan W. Smith, Editor.

Special thanks to David Ray and Jane Taylor for their editing efforts and to Mike Cox for adding our Excursion page to TI Life. 

  • Mallard on a January day 2012. Photo by Dennis McCarthy

    Mallard on a January day 2012. Photo by Dennis McCarthy

  • Dark Island January 2010.  Photo by Debby Hirschey

    Dark Island January 2010. Photo by Debby Hirschey

  • Debby Hirshey

    Debby Hirshey

  • A warm winter day in the Thousand Islands, January 16, 2012. Photo by Fred Guild

    A warm winter day in the Thousand Islands, January 16, 2012. Photo by Fred Guild

  • Photo by Fred Guild

    Photo by Fred Guild

  • Photo by Fred Guild

    Photo by Fred Guild

  • January 15, 2012. Boldt Castle. Photo by Paul Cooledge

    January 15, 2012. Boldt Castle. Photo by Paul Cooledge

  • Boldt Yacht House, Wellesley Island, January 15, 2012. Photo by Paul Cooledge

    Boldt Yacht House, Wellesley Island, January 15, 2012. Photo by Paul Cooledge

  • Casino Island, January 15, 2012. Photo by Paul Cooledge

    Casino Island, January 15, 2012. Photo by Paul Cooledge

  • February 8, 2012, The ice is gone... Photo by Paul Cooledge

    February 8, 2012, The ice is gone... Photo by Paul Cooledge

  • Clayton, sun rise and moon setting. Photo by Paul Cooledge

    Clayton, sun rise and moon setting. Photo by Paul Cooledge

  • Male Pileated Woodpecker, Jan. 15, 2012.  Photo by Lillian Coolgedge

    Male Pileated Woodpecker, Jan. 15, 2012. Photo by Lillian Coolgedge


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Sheila smith
Comment by: Sheila smith ( )
Left at: 9:41 AM Wednesday, February 15, 2012
I simply love browsing your articles and pictures. They bring back many memories
for me. I grew up in Kingston and had summer jobs in Gananoque and Ivey Lea.
Thank you for sharing such wonderful articles.