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Jan Brabant's Kayaking Photographs

For the intrepid, the river is a place for all seasons. Several photographs shared by Jan Brabant recall an early April 2008 visit to Rock Island Light House.

Click on each photograph to see the Spring in all its glory.

Intrepid kayakers Kayaking in the Spring River Ice Tom Carr, Kathy Pitts and Kathy Kempson

Rock Island Lighthouse  View from Rock Ilsand Lighthouse

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Mark Wentling
Comment by: Mark Wentling ( )
Left at: 6:14 PM Thursday, January 1, 2009
My great-great-great-grandfather, Michael J. Diepolder, keeper of Rock Island Lighthouse in the late 1800s, often wrote in his station logs about the cold winter weather, snow and treacherous ice formations in the river -- one time nearly being crushed to death by the ice attempting to rescue a family on the verge of the same fate!

These photos are the first I've seen of the station in winter and vividly bring his words to life in my mind. Thank you for sharing them!