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Silvana Gargione, Author, Megan Gaffney, Illustrator

 St. Lawrence ABCs is a historical non-fiction picture book written by Silvana Gargione, a summer resident of Wellesley Island, and illustrated by Megan Gaffney, a summer resident of Bartlett Point. 

The book features island, boats, plants, and animals of the 1000 Islands region.  St. Lawrence ABCs is filled with beautiful color illustrations and interesting historical facts. 

The book also includes an original map and a glossary of the islands, places, boats and animals mentioned.  It is a 40 page hardcover book with a dust jacket.  It will surely be cherished as a bedtime book for kids and a keepsake book for adults. 


There is a download of the interactive and lively MP3, read by the author, to aid your little ones in following along with the book at home, in the car, on the boat, or wherever life takes them!

 Hardcover Book , Price $22.95

Hardcover Book + Digital Download, Price $25.00

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