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Patty Mondore, River Reflections


River Reflections: A 90-Day Devotional and Journal for People Who Love the Water


About the Book:  

North Wind Publishing (Belfast, Maine) publishes a pre-release edition of Patty Mondore’s newest book, River Reflections: A 90-Day Devotional and Journal for People Who Love the Water to the Thousand Islands area. 


With each chapter highlighting the breathtakingly beautiful Thousand Islands region and including one of Patty’s lovely nature photographs, the daily mediations will delight anyone who loves the water and the One who created it.  As explained by North Wind’s founder, Janet Robbins, “River Reflections is a 90-day Devotional and Journal to help you with your bible study and meditations. Each day starts with a beautiful black and white river photo and bible verse. River Cruise, steers you toward portions of the bible you should read that day while River Reflections are the author’s personal experiences living on the water and where she relates that experience to biblical teachings. Waterlines is an area for the reader to write down personal thoughts for the day, so this book becomes a keepsake journal. May God bless you and yours.” - JANET ROBBINS, Publisher


Patty’s other books include River-Lations: Inspirational Stories and Photos from the Thousand Islands, To Love, Honor and OH BOY, A Good Paddling, Proclaim His Praise in the Islands, and Perennial Faith.  Patty’s column, River-Lations, which appears in the Thousand Islands Sun Vacationer throughout the summer months features inspirational stories and photos of the Thousand Islands.  She and her husband Bob, co-authored Patty and her husband Bob are also well known in the Thousand Islands area for their Singer Castle books (Singer Castle and Singer Castle Revisited from Arcadia’s Images of America Series), documentary DVD, and Singer Castle blog ( They have also produced several Thousand Islands music videos.

River Reflections retails for $14.95. tIs official publication date will be some time in the fall but North Wind Publishing has allowed the Mondores to pre-release some copies in the Thousand Islands area.   Copies may be purchased from the Gold-Mountain website (, and in stores in Alexandria Bay and Clayton.  See the Mondores’ website for full listing of retailers carrying River Reflections.

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