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M.A. Noble

Taking Hart

This new book, written by M.A. Noble is listed as fiction:  for young adults or teens.  It is a thriller and filled with action and suspense.  

A short description...

It's 2012: Cannons boom, and 16-year-old Corey must navigate the streets full of Bicentennial disguises--with an artifact someone would kill for! He must summon the courage to disprove a legend and find answers: Why did Mom disappear into the St. Lawrence, and who is the woman wearing her earring? Corey must save someone he loves in this "War of 1812" town...where the real threat is here and now.

A missing journal, an old buckle; earthquakes and arsenic. Can Corey Worder connect them to disprove a 200-year old legend? Is that new girl really trying to help him? And who is the mysterious “Marie” who wears his missing mother’s earring? Corey must summon all his courage to find the truth about his own family.

But everyone in Harts Landing knows Corey has no courage—he’s a Worder, like his deserting ancestor. Corey’s got to prove them wrong, but it's going to be tough. It’s the War of 1812 Bicentennial...

About the author 

M.A. Noble livesl in St. Lawrence County, NY, where she enjoys the outdoors, music and word play.  

"I enjoy including hidden treasures, objects and clues, and unexpected plot twists," she says, "and I like to weave reality into fiction.

She also likes to put twists and word play in her instructional projects (check The Language Mechanic and Punctuation Puzzlers from the Critical Thinking Company, available on Amazon).

M. A. spent her early years on a North Country dairy farm then moved to California where she worked first as a teacher and instructional designer. Then as a writer, she moved from technical manuals to short stories for language arts instruction to novels. Now she has returned to New York's farmlands and is once again milking...her fiction. 

For more details visit: Smashwords or Amazon  Taking Hart 

Taking Hart is presently available at the following locations and will appear in more shops over the fall and winter. 

  • Alex Bay: Treasure Island, The Ship Gift Shop, The Magical Swan
  • Clayton: Captain Spicer's Gallery, Corbin's River Heritage
  • Canton: TAUNY, St. Lawrence Historical Association
  • Potsdam: SUNY Potsdam's College Store

There is also a Kindle version.