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Dennis McCarthy

Tall Ships of the Thousand Islands

Once upon a time, the tall ship was king in the Thousand Islands. Today these large, traditionally-rigged sailing vessels of old are a rare site while freighters, speedboats, yachts and small sailboats are common.  

The majestic days of the tall ships have returned to the Thousand Islands. The
new book “The Tall Ships of the Thousand Islands” contains 35 photos of 21 visiting
tall ships, including restorations, replicas, and reinventions, taken by Dennis McCarthy and his
family over several years.

In total there are 35 pictures of 21 different Tall Ships.

  • 21 color pictures of Tall Ships with information on each ship
  • 8 pictures of Tall Ships in the Thousand Islands.
  • 4 b/w pictures of Tall
  • 2 color pictures of Tall Ships


Photos: Dennis & Kathi McCarthy


Editor: Clara MacCarald

Publisher: Blue Ledge Systems Inc.

Blue Ledge Systems Inc.,  PO Box 86,  Clayton, NY  13628

Phone 315-299-3435



Blue Ledge Systems


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