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Margaret Blackmer

Nana's River, published in 2011, and Nana's Island, published in 2014, are realistic fictional picture books, written and illustrated by Margaret Blackmer, a year-round resident of the Thousand Islands, who enjoys living on the shore of the St. Lawrence River.
The books share visits with grandchildren enjoying summer adventures: boating, swimming and learning about river lore. They are filled with beautiful water color illustrations. 
The books also include a hidden acorn in each illustration-fun for the child to search for. They are wonderful read alouds, for your child, grandchild or perfect gifts for an expectant parent or grandparent.
About the Author 

I live along the St. Lawrence "River in New York State with my husband, Labrador retriever, Daisy, and cat, Emmy. We have three daughters and at the moment, seven grandchildren. After graduating from Syracuse University, I taught for many years in the Hudson Valley area. During my Childhood, I spent my summers on the St. Lawrence "River.”Recently, my husband and I were fortunate enough to move to this area permanently. We enjoy our life along the river through all four seasons but enjoy it even more when our grandchildren come to Visit us. They call the river “Nana’s river", which was where the idea for my first book,  "Nana's River" came from. 

"Nana's Island" Soft cover, Price $21.95
Available now at Singer Castle, Corbins book store, Antique Boat Museum and Captain Spicer's in Clayton, NY. They are also available through in paperback or in hard cover.