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Ian Coristine's 1000 Islands (NEW 2015)

The Book He Said He Wouldn’t Do. 

When Ian Coristine released his award-winning and bestselling book “The very best of” in 2010, he said it was his last. But it seems he couldn’t put his camera down. Having captured almost 20,000 new images in the five years since, his 7th book, titled simply; Ian Coristine’s 1000 Islands offers his best perspective yet of the 1000 Islands region.

 Coristine traditionally used his floatplane to capture the aerial images he is known for, but having sold the plane several years ago, he turned to a helicopter with the highest quality camera he’s ever owned to continue to share his low-from-above perspective. Selecting from a library that now surpasses 50,000 images, this book is his best yet and this time, very likely his last.

“Volume VII will almost certainly be my last book for two important reasons. I’ve always believed that the 1000 Islands deserve to be showcased in the highest quality form, so this book again features a physical level of quality seldom found in any regional or even international title. High-end enhancements such as spot gloss UV, a matte laminated richly padded cover and foil don’t come cheaply and I wanted to reduce the price to increase the value” says Coristine.

“The only way to do this was to commit to the largest print run I’ve ever undertaken.” This allowed producing a very high quality book while reducing the price to the lowest level since Volume I was released in 2002, despite the ensuing 13 years of inflation. It will sell for $25 U.S. or $30 Cdn.

Beyond the many new images, Volume VII includes a significantly improved version of the popular map that has graced all his books’ inside covers to show the locations of each photograph. Coristine turned to a professional cartographer and his long time graphic designer to produce a much more sophisticated map which contains many new layers of information.

“The idea has always been to show all there is to do on the River and where they can be found, the kinds of things that aren’t shown on road maps or charts.” In addition to all the attractions and points of interest, Coristine’s map pinpoints all the parks, lighthouses, shipwrecks, marinas with fuel, golf courses and much more. As well as gracing the book’s end sheets, Coristine has produced a sophisticated Z-Fold map that easily fits in a pocket plus a full size laminated version intended for the cottage wall.

Coristine’s previous books have proven remarkably popular. Despite only being sold on the River, every one of his volumes has achieved bestseller status, with the total surpassing 100,000 copies sold. Two also won international Benjamin Franklin “Benny” Awards, while his interactive iPad eBook One in a Thousand garnered 5 star ratings in the iTunes stores in Canada and the U.S. as well as two MarCom Awards. Look for Volume VII - Ian Coristine’s 1000 Islands and his new companion Discovery Map of the 1000 Islands in gift and book stores on both sides of the river or at