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Patricia Mondore (NEW 2015)

Patty Mondore's newest book is now available! 

See the Reflections for Bird Lovers book trailer on YouTube.

North Wind Publishing (Belfast, Maine) publishes Patty Mondore's newest book, A Bird Lover's : A 90-Day Devotional and Journal for People Who Love Birds exclusively for Gold-Mountain. A Bird Lover's Reflections is the third in a series of devotionals published by North Wind that are written by Patty Mondore for those who love nature and the outdoors. From hummingbirds to herons, raptors to wrens, common loons to cormorants, and bald eagles to bluebirds, if you love bird-watching you will love A Bird Lover's Reflections. Each of Patty’s 90 daily meditations starts with a fun tidbit about a particular species of bird. It also includes one of her bird photos, a passage to read from the Scriptures, a short devotional, and a place to jot down your own thoughts and reflections. As Patty shares some of her favorite birding experiences and inspirations, fellow bird-lovers will learn more about each of these magnificent creatures and will also be drawn a little closer to the one who created them (and us). So, grab your book and be prepared for an inspirational and interactive birding experience.

A Bird Lover's Reflections retails for $14.95. Copies may be purchased directly from Gold-Mountain and also in stores throughout the Thousand Islands area.