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R. M. Doyon

“The Beginning Game” -- the third and final novel of an acclaimed series that began in 2010 with "Upcountry" and, in 2013, with “Thou Torturest Me.” In this gripping, page-turner of a novel, Doyon returns his readers to upstate New York and the Thousand Islands to deliver an exciting finale for his tragedy-stricken Schumacher family.

The principal character in The Beginning Game is Nicholas ‘Nicky Nick’ Wells, who was first introduced in “Thou Torturest Me.” At 27, Wells truly believes he has changed. He is smarter. He is patient. And he is  reverential to those in a position of authority. But it is all a dangerous ruse, since it becomes clear the troubled, manipulative young man is ill with revenge. Only days after he is released from one of America’s most infamous prisons, Wells—now a martial arts expert—begins to execute his life’s new mission. Befriending a vulnerable woman to suit his needs, he begins to exact retribution against the unlikeliest of targets—an elderly man afflicted with crippling terminal diseases. But is his target really a feeble old man? Or is it simply the beginning of a campaign aimed at those he thinks are responsible for the twelve-hundred and seventy-seven days he spent in a prison cell?


This editor has read “The Beginning Game” and highly recommends it both for your library and as a holiday gift. 

The reasons are many  – The story is suspenseful, it takes place in our own North Country so you will recognize most scenes, the dialogue is powerful and most of all Doyon writes beautifully, making me feel that I am right there!


The New Beginning is the third in a trilogy, all taking place in the North Country and the Thousand Islands.

Readers can go to or to find R.M.Doyon's first two novels in this series—“Upcountry” and “Thou Torturest Me”.

“The New Beginning” will be available in November, 2017.

About the Author

R.M. Doyon has been a journalist, writer, public relations executive and entrepreneur for more than three decades. 

A graduate of the University of Western Ontario and Carleton University’s School of Journalism, he began his career with the Ottawa Citizen before becoming a political reporter and Parliamentary Bureau Chief for United Press International, where he crossed paths with six Canadian prime ministers and one U.S president.  After his time at UPI, Doyon wrote for The Vancouver ProvinceMaclean’s, and The Financial Post before serving as a speechwriter and senior communications advisor in two Canadian government departments.  An avid observer of the American presidency, he boasts to family and friends alike that he has set foot in the Oval Office. 

Though successful in business, during which he co-founded one of North America’s most-admired public relations firms, he never lost his love for fiction and screenwriting.  In addition to Upcountry, he is the author of Pirouette, a stage-play on the life and times of Pierre Elliott Trudeau, and has co-written two screenplays—Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda and The Last Carousel with his wife Shelley.