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John Lefevere (New)

Jewels and Ghouls, by John Lefevere

Kindle: $3.96

About the Book:

They solved a 150-year-old murder mystery, so solving a 110-year-old theft should be easy. Steve Stone and Jill Matson swing into action again in this contemporary thriller and historical mystery sequel to The Scimitar And The Snail. While on a trip to Ireland, the couple undertakes an investigation of the 1907 theft of the Irish Crown Jewels, which have never been recovered and may be in America. Back in New York, their search is disrupted by the mysterious disappearance of Jill’s friend during the filming of a television show about the spirits of sailors who went missing in the Lost Channel of the Thousand Islands during the French and Indian War. Amazing revelations about the Lost Channel sailors and the fate of Jill’s friend are overshadowed by the discovery of a local woman who claims ownership of the jewels and falls prey to others who want to take them away. Can Steve and Jill come to her rescue in time? And where have the jewels been all this time?