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Volume V - The very best of Ian Coristine's 1000 Islands

About the book: Ian Coristine’s 5th book of Thousand Islands photography is a compilation of his award-winning work published in a unique and spectacular format. This new book is more than a stunning overview of a magnificent but relatively unknown region. It uses the extreme gloss found on high quality book covers on every page, resulting in what may well be the "world's first book of covers.” This lustrous gloss adds a depth and vibrancy to the images not seen in a book before. Every image is a Coristine "best" from his library of 30,000+ images.

  To read more about the book, to see sample photographs and to order the book online see:

The very best of Ian Coristine's 1000 Islands is also available at most local book stores in theThousand Islands, on both sides of the border.

The book will be launched on June 4th in Brockville, ON and on June 26th in Clayton NY. For more information and complete details about these special events, please see: Photos and Music Celebrate the Thousand Islands, by Erin McCarthy Brick in the May 2010 issue of TI Life.

Volume I - The 1000 Islands

Ian Coristine's first book, now out of print after several printings, has become a sought after collectible. The 1000 Islands, smaller in format than his subsequent publication, appealed to residents and tourists because of its accessible price and convenient size. The quality of the photographs and their presentation in a fine binding account for the remarkable success of the book.

Volume II - Water, Wind and Sky

His second book is more an artistic celebration of the region's beauty. Prints from Water, Wind and Sky have been shown at the Brockville Arts Center and in seasonally changing exhibitions at the Antique Boat Museum, Clayton and other galleries. His photographs have been reproduced internationally.

Ian has shared his intimate views of the Thousand Islands in France, where they appeared in the national journal, Le Figaro. Volvo's LIV magazine featured his work in their International Edition which is distributed in countries around the world wherever their cars are sold.

In addition, Ian was elected from photographers around the world as an “Image Master” by DxO Labs, a Paris based company that produces software for professional photographers.

Volume III - The Thousand Islands

When Ian's first book, The 1000 Islands, sold out and required a fourth printing, he decided to replace it. Book III was an entirely new book with new photographs completes at that time a "trilogy".

Book III mirrors the format of the first volume, but has a subtly different title – The Thousand Islands.

To order visit Ian Coristine's