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Patricia & Robert Mondore

There are two Arcadia Publishing books on Singer Island written by Robert and Patricia Mondore .

Singer Castle Revisted. See TI Life Article Singer Castle in Print by Patricia Mondore in April 2010.

ISBN: 9780738573021
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
Published: 2010

Book Description:

Singer Castle Revisited is a fresh look at this castle's rich 100-year history with many new stories and photographs of its original owner, Frederick G. Bourne; his daughter Marjorie, who owned the castle for the next 40 years; and Dr. Harold and Eloise Martin. The Bournes were well known for their marvelous collection of yachts and Gold Cup-winning speedboats. Since the release of Singer Castle, the new owners of this historical Thousand Islands landmark have invested nearly $10 million into restoring it to its original condition. In addition, gracious relatives of the former owners' families have shared their private collections of previously unpublished pictures dating from as far back as the castle's construction.

About the Authors: Robert and Patricia Mondore are summer residents of the Thousand Islands. Patty is a published author and a singer/song writer. Her books include To Love, Honor and OH BOY, A Good Paddling, Proclaim His Praise in the Islands, and Perennial Faith. Patty is also a contributing writer for the Thousand Islands Sun. Her column, “River-Lations”, which appears in the Vacationer throughout the summer months, features inspirational stories and photos of the Thousand Islands. The Mondores are co-owners of Gold-Mountain (, a web-based, multi-media business.

Singer Island

ISBN: 9780738537641
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
Published: 2005

Book Description:

In 1905, the New York Times called it “the Castle of Mysteries,” and rightly so. Located on Dark Island, Singer Castle was modeled after the castle described in Sir Walter Scott’s Woodstock, complete with dungeons, turrets, labyrinths, and even secret passageways. World-famous architect Ernest Flagg designed it for Singer Sewing Machine Company president Frederick Bourne. Singer Castle provides an unforgettable tour and fascinating history, revealing why this place is truly a castle of mysteries.
Special letter received from Professor Paul Malo (Syracuse University Professor Emeritus):

"Just finished an enjoyable visit to Dark Island--virtually, of course. Your updated edition of the the DVD really surpasses the first, which was fine indeed. The additional historical material, particularly the film footage still retained by the family, showing the Commodore and others on the island, really enriches our appreciation of this irreplaceable landmark." --Paul Malo, 12/17/06

  Music CD River-Lations  by Patricia Mondore

River-Lations is the third movie in the Gold-Mountain Thousand Islands nature music video trilogy. Featuring seven new inspirational songs written and sung by Patty Mondore, it takes the viewer on a trip through the place that the original native Americans referred to as "Manitoanna" or, "Garden of the Great Spirit." You will take a boat ride through the International Rift, take a tour of Singer Castle, stop over at each of the Thousand Islands lighthouses, and watch an antique boat parade in Clayton. You will see amazing closeups of River wildlife including loons, ospreys, deer, great blue herons and even an eagle, as you listen to the lovely sounds of nature all along the way. You will also get to experience six interludes of Hoover the famous Thousand Islands chipmunk (as seen on YouTube) performing some all new tricks (he works for peanuts). Your journey will end just in time to catch a few of our breathtakingly beautiful River sunsets.