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Dennis McCarthy and Skip Couch

tn TI Life we are interested in what goes on - on the River, above the River (Aerial photography) and Below (Scuba diving) ... Dennis McCarthy and Skip Couch have an important work showing "Under" the St. Lawrence. River.


Shipwrecks of the Thousand Islands

About the Book: Dennis McCarthy and Skip Couch, scuba divers for over 40 years, are announcing a new reference book.

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“Shipwrecks of the Thousand Islands” is intended to provide information of interest to both curious readers and serious scuba divers about shipwrecks from Cape Vincent to Brockville, Ont./ Ogdensburg, NY. This is not a treasure hunter's book or shipwreck hunter's guide. All the shipwrecks listed have been found and dove on by scuba divers. Each wreck site is provided with GPS coordinates and brief information about its depth and bottom conditions. Each shipwreck listing has sections titled “Site” and History”. The “Site” information section is what the wreck looks like and its current condition. The “History” information will provide a brief background on the vessel or interesting information on the wreck. The intent is to provide readers with basic information on which they could build their knowledge by doing further research on the individual wrecks. Along with the information on the “Site” and “History” are images and reprints from newspaper or magazine stories.
ISBN 978-0-9844250-0-6


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