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Robert L. Matthews

Thousand Islands Yacht Club, Welcome Island, Alexandria Bay, NY

By Robert L. Matthews

This is Robert Matthews second book about the Thousand Islands. It tells the history of the Thousand Islands Club, Welcome Island Alexandria Bay, NY. It is a resource that should be on your library book shelf if you have an interest in the Golden Age of the Islands.

The book is available online at the Antique Boat Museum and in local book stores.

Throughout the winter of 2010, Robert has given our readers a unique peek at those long forgotten illustrators who captured the beauty of our region in books, popular magazines and travel brochures. In January we met Frank H. Taylor in The Man from Shady Ledge; February brought us Howard Pyle, Illustrator Extraordinaire, and in March we met Four More Thousand Islands Illustrators and in April the was Part I of Summering Among the Thousand Islands and in May we have the  Part Two, Summering Among the Thousand Islands and the conclusion of the series. One again, we thank Robert for presenting his research and sharing his wonderful photographs with our TI Life readers.

Glimpses of St. Lawrence Summer Life, Thousand Islands Souvenirs

By Robert L. Matthews

This was an exhibition catalogue from the Antique Boat Museum, of the extensive Robert and Prudence Matthews Collection of souvenirs that relate to the 1000 Islands at the time of the Golden Age. Currently on loan to the Antique Boat Museum, this is the first time the collection, acquired over a thirty year period, has been shown in a public venue.

The catalogue is no longer in print, but is available at local libraries.