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Michael Ringer's Books

The majority of Michael Ringer's creations are focused on the Thousand Island region. He is well known in the region and across North America as he was the host of the national broadcast PBS show "The Artist's World with Michael Ringer". The show covered many facets of the profession of being an artist from publishing, to casting in bronze, to practical lessons and safety of the studio.

Five books have been published on Ringer's work and he is a member of the Outdoor Writers Association of America. His exhibitions have been featured in numerous local, state and national galleries.  His studio is in Alexandria Bay and his works are on display in Clayton and in the fall season in the Carousal Mall, Syracuse, NY.

TI Life presents three of Michael Ringer's books now available for sale in the region. 
Days On the River

This is a Daily Journal.
9.75" x 11", 155 pages

About the Book

It has 55 full color paintings of the river and spaces to write your daily journal. There are only day numbers 1-30 etc. with no Monday, Tuesday etc..   This way the journal is good for any year you want to use it.  The journal is published with a high quality writing paper and is covered with a thick clear plastic front and back cover making it somewhat waterproof.  They sell for $19.95.

For Love of The River

9.75" x 11", 155 pages.

About the Book

There are 130 full color paintings  and numerous sketches plus narrative information about where the painting is or why he chose. There are no duplicated images between the two books.

River Life 

Available in hardcover or softcover.

This is a history of the St. Lawrence River with dozens of historical photographs, notes and points of interest. 

There are two Michael Ringer Studios - both are well worth a visit.

St. Lawrence Gallery, 47382 Dingman Point Road, Alexandria Bay, New York 13607
St. Lawrence Gallery, 203 James Street, Clayton, New York 13624