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LeLievre, Roger, Ed.

Know Your Ships:  Guide to Boats & Boatwatching Great Lakes & St. Lawrence Seaway

Roger LeLievre, Editor

ISBN: 978-1891849-12-1

About the Book
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In addition to including everything ship fans need to know about the freighters, tankers, tugs, salties, passenger ships and other vessels sailing the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway,

Complete data on hundreds of U.S., Canadian and international-flag cargo vessels, tugs, excursion boats and barges in regular Great Lakes & St. Lawrence Seaway service, including owner and port of registry, year and shipyard where built, length, beam, depth, cargo capacity and former names, plus type of engine, horsepower and top speed for major Great Lakes and Seaway vessels.

Changes in the shipping scene from year to year are chronicled in the “Passages” section, the meanings of whistle signals are explained and the book also includes eight pages of colorful stack markings of all Great Lakes & Seaway fleets, including stack markings of many of the saltwater fleets that regularly visit the Seaway system.

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