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Sonny Moran

Written by Sonny Moran

This is the story of the first self-propelled vessel in North America to be made of concrete.

The Concretia as a Government of Canada vessel regularly sailed throught the beautiful Thousand Islands Region!

The Concretia was even involved in trying to stop the flow of illegal licquour into the hands of infamous gangster Al Capone during America's period of Prohibition. Imagine a government vessel made of concrete bearing down at top speed on a wooden highspeed runabout that refused to stop because it was filled with illegal licquour. The occupants of the runabout knew they were in trouble!

The Concretia was built as a wartime experiment in Canada through a partnership between Montreal's McGill University and a private construction company. The unique and innovative project was commissioned by the Government of Canada. The Concretia has silently sailed through the pages of history - until now.

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