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Ellen Potter's books

Ellen Potter is no longer in the North Country, but she did, until recently, live in Lafargeville, NY.

This March 2012, her latest book the Humming Room was published and reviewed in The Wall Street Journal by Meghan Cox Gurdon:   “Ellen Potter has reconfigured recognizable elements to create something fresh as well for "The Humming Room" (Feiwel & Friends). In fact, she has essentially rewritten Frances Hodgson Burnett's 1911 novel "The Secret Garden," moving the story from the Yorkshire moors to an island-bound sanatorium on the St. Lawrence River and plucking her heroine not from a cholera-devastated compound in Raj India but from a crawl space beneath the trailer in which the girl's drug-dealing parents lie murdered.”

Read more about Ellen and her writing at   There is an excellent video on the site about The Humming Room.

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