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TI Life in August with an awesome video

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When Tad Clark sent in Boat Shoes I had a good laugh! He is right: we all need them, have them, and keep them.  When Deane Parkhurst sent Remembering TI Park and the Hurricane of ‘38  he helped me to realize that no matter how far you are away from the River, memories will always bring you back…  In Nancy Bond’s The Journey from House to Home  it is her house that does the talking…  Strange, but I bet many houses could tell wonderful stories.

Lynn McElfresh is responsible for the Grenells Visit Grenell and  Rex Ennis presents a series of letters in  Grayce Lulu Bickford, Girl Friday describing island life.

Captain Brian Johnson reviewed an amazing WWII book, The Search for Uncle ‘Moe’ written by artist/author Shelly Pringle. Lynn McElfresh’s second article reviews a photo book “Tails of Thousand Island Park” Coming soon (Yes – it’s about real dogs)

Can’t afford an island?  Why not copy Patricia Costa Viglucci  in The Island in my Head …, her new novel Jordan’s Island

TILT’s summer intern, Henney Hambrose presents TILTKids Camp at Zenda  and Corinne Mockler announces the winners of the TILT’s Instagram Photo Contest and Christian L. Vischi introduces Pastor Art Couch in Community is key …

Kim Lunman ‘s Woodies… takes place at the Grenadier Island Golf.  Geraldine Last, who has been writing about the Prohibition Days in Rockport, give us a   Jazz Age slang lesson for ‘Rockport Prohibition Days’

New Contributors

Patricia Costa Viglucci - The Island in my Head …

Patricia is a columnist and author of nine books including young-adult novels, light romances, and a collection of family memoirs titled, “Growing Up Italian in God’s Country: Stories From the Wilds of Pennsylvania.” She and her writer husband Carmen, a retired editor and author of "Albany Street Kid", live in the Rochester area. Their three children and seven grandchildren live nearby. Pat is currently writing a book about their many trips to Italy.
Nancy Bond - The Journey from House to Home

Nancy began writing in high school, 60+ years ago, but then family life took hold as she and her husband Leo raised twelve children on their farm in the town of Clayton. It was only recently that Nancy began writing her memories on paper for her children to enjoy. The Thousand Islands Museum persuaded her to share them with the Thousand Islands Sun and now with TI Life.
Henney Hambrose - TILTKids Camp at Zenda

Henney will soon enter Grade 11, her junior year, at Springside Chestnut Hill Academy in Philadelphia, PA. A member of her school's crew team, she also enjoys photography, running, sailing, and any activity that gets her close to nature. This is her first summer interning at the Thousand Islands Land Trust. Her younger sister, Smith, joined the TILT team last year.

Christian L. Vischi - Community is key …

Christian is the communications associate at the Upper New York Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church, Syracuse. His role is to tell the stories of the unique missions and ministries that occur at the more than 930 United Methodist churches in Upper New York.
 Deane Parkhurst - Remembering TI Park and the Hurricane of ‘38

Deane, born June 8th, 1934, in New Jersey, tells us, “So-so grades in school and endured ten months of the year in NJ. Happy to be at TIP for two. In college "majored" at the college radio station instead of in class. Drafted in 1957 and served two years in the Signal Corps.”  He worked in commercial radio and television in New York State until moving to Missouri.  He completed his career selling high-end computer systems to media companies and retiring in 2005.  Today Deane lives in Olathe, KA on the border of Kansas City MO.

An Awesome Video

Have you seen the new video that has taken the Thousand Islands by storm?  As we head to press, over 15,000 viewers have already experienced this “unedited sample” video. 

One viewer,  Kathie Schoenfeld wrote on our Facebook page:  “To my friends on Long Island N.Y., now you know why I go Upstate for the summer. My Dad called it God's country. Upstate is beautiful.”   And Kathie is not alone.  For too many decades, I only heard about the Adirondacks in NY, or the Muskokas in Ontario. When I said I loved the River friends smiled politely.

Videos like this one don’t just happen.  Thousand Islands photographer, Ian Coristine, provided the behind the scene story:

The planned Brockville Aquatarium  provided a budget of $30,000 to allow the film to be shot by the twin turbine Eurocopter helicopter.  It quickly became clear that this would allow for no more than three or four hours of footage. But what if they could shoot the islands for several days?    

Lyne Roberge and Tom Weldon (independent from their respective management roles at Singer Castle and  RiverQuest/McLellan Group) approached several RiverQuest partners to raise $100,000 to get this done properly, shooting for three days and covering all of the River.

It was shot by an extremely experienced helicopter crew (responsible for footage of the Amazing Race, Superbowl, etc.) with Doug McLellan directing (he created our One in a Thousand eBook). The twin-turbine Eurocopter was equipped with a Red EPIC 4K super HD camera stabilized by a Gyron mount - $700,000 worth and one of only two setups like this in the world.

Ian and I want to thank all those involved for helping to amass this amazing footage which will eventually be merged with additional video previously shot by McLellan Group from water, deck level, underwater and from a remote-controlled quadracopter drone.  

This sample from the helicopter's footage provides a wonderful opportunity to showcase our Thousand Islands to friends and the rest of the world and, as TI Life's founder Paul Malo liked to say, "to help build a greater appreciation for the place."  This project is an inspiring example of what RiverQuest Partners and Friends (including organizations, cities, towns and townships) can accomplish by working cooperatively together.

Full screen, sound up and enjoy!

Copy this link and send it to family and friends – help spread the word:


Dr. Guthrie S. Birkhead  Jr.

On July 22 The Thousand Islands lost a champion of conservation with news of the death of Dr. Guthrie S. Birkhead, Jr., 92.  Dr. Birkhead, dean emeritus of the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University, and his wife Louise believed strongly in supporting environmental stewardship.

I was fortunate to meet the Birkheads in 2007 when they made a landmark gift to the Thousand Islands Land Trust to protect the Zenda Farm Preserve in Clayton.  At that time Guthrie remarked, “For nearly 50 years we have enjoyed the Thousand Islands.  Now we want to do as much as we can to help preserve this great area.”

Jake Tibbles, TILT’s Executive Director, said it best in his tribute, “Guthrie’s remarkable life included a career as a life-long political scientist and educator, during which he earned the respect and affection of his students and colleagues alike. He was also a life-long environmentalist, who passionately supported the conservation of natural resources and the education of our next generation of stewards.”

For more information on how Guthrie Birkhead helped enrich the lives of so many see  Maxwell News and Events or Facebook’s In Memory of Guthrie S. Birkehead Jr

Rena C. Fearon

The Island community was saddened to learn of the tragic death of Rena Fearon, 41, who died after her boat hit a shoal in the Canadian waters late at night on July 14. Rena was the co-owner of the Captain School in Cape Coral, Florida and taught boating courses to hundreds over the years. Rena was well respected in the boating world and well-liked by friends and family. She will be sadly missed.  A memorial tribute can be found Newzjunky.  

Meet Robin

One day while in Clayton I met Robin and his master, Peter Knoff.  When Robin was let off his leash he “flew” into the water, turned around to be pulled out and then “flew” back in.  This was a dog that our readers have to meet.  

“Robin is an eight year old Miniature Schnauzer who loves to swim, Many people in the Clayton / Alex bay area know Robin and say hi to him. They know him because whenever we slow our boat and prepare to stop, he starts barking to let us know that he wants to get in the water. Most of the time we let him so, he jumps off the back of the boat. He wears a long rope in busy areas and swims without it where it’s safe. He also wears a body harness to lift him out. He can easily swim for an hour and he loves waves! He also enjoys watching snorkelers.

He will jump off anything, no matter the height, and he likes to gather underwater objects. He is a very-special dog and I have never seen another like him. From the reactions of other people, neither have they.” 


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Do you write about the River  - near to it, from above or below?  If so, please consider submitting an article.  Let us know what you like, or dislike, about TI Life  so we can share more ideas.  And leave your comments…

By Susan W. Smith, Editor

Special thanks to our editors David Ray, Georgia Barker and Jane Taylor.  We also thank those who leave comments on our articles or ask questions. The more the better.
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    1000 Islands RiverQuest video

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  • A lovely submission to FB page by Marta's Photo Shop, Alex Bay

    A lovely submission to FB page by Marta's Photo Shop, Alex Bay

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    Joe Meirose, Full Frame Works Photography captures 75th Anniversary of the TI Bridge celebrations


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Hugh Cowan
Comment by: Hugh Cowan ( )
Left at: 11:00 PM Wednesday, August 14, 2013
An amazing video from the helicopter - what wonderful scenes !!!!. For the "conspiracy theorist " who posted earlier about the "wind farms" being behind this video to make it all so natural and nice - try to get a life, somehow, - it is nice and so are the wind turbines - we CAN actually co-exist, and do, here on Wolfe Islamd..