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Janet Sullins: River Queen of Arts

Most people who live or visit the Thousand Islands have seen River Artist: Janet Sullins’ photographs.   They have been published in this monthly on-line magazine Thousand Island, the weekly Thousand Island Sun, published in Alex Bay, NY and in the annual calendar from Save the River, based in Clayton NYThey also appear at local art shows and even on the Watertown WWNY TV 7 nightly news during weather reports.

Janet is multi-talented and she does more than just photographs.  A gifted artist with a great eye for what makes the River -  the River – her talents include stained glass work, oil paintings and watercolors.

Her art work has been displayed at the Remington Museum in Ogdensburg, The Thousand Islands Arts Center in Clayton as well as many being shown in regional art shows and available at local gift shops and galleries.  This month some of Janet’s works will be on display at both The Thousand Islands Arts Center in Clayton and the Mascherry Library in Alexandira Bay.

A Maryland native, Janet Sullins received her art degree from Towson State University, Baltimore, Maryland, in 1979, with a concentration in watercolor. But, after a friend wanted her to take a class in stained glass, Janet was hooked and eventually worked for several studios, besides creating her own designs. Janet again switched gears some years later, learning to paint on silk.

An avid scuba diver, a lot of her work is obviously water-themed.  After a dive trip to the St. Lawrence via Ontario, and finding that the art community on both sides of the river is very active, she decided in 2003 to make Clayton her permanent home.   

Whether capturing photographs or a completing a commission making a stain glass window, Janet puts her energy into making unique and lasting artwork.   The Artwork presented here, is but a small sampling of her extensive works. 

A May 19, 2013 Video interviewing Janet Sullins at Frederic Remington Art Museum  

Lately, Janet has been collecting an array of ribbons and cash prizes for the photos as well as works in other media, stained glass in particular, sometimes paint or pottery, which has garnered respect and recognition from the art community at large.

Her works hang (or sit) in homes here and abroad, from Canada to England, Japan and soon France. Since building her studio, she has a fledgling business: The Queen of Arts, which connotes a command of the varied media she enjoys. The subject matter often dictates the medium in which it will be rendered. 

Janet can be reached through Facebook, her e-mail:, or by phone 315-783-2920. An art page on Facebook and a website are this year's goals.  

Hydrangea Window
Stain glass window by Janet Sullins

This is the stain glass window described in the YouTube video.  Note the shade figure on the left side in the sky.  This pane can be viewed on both sides, each telling its own story. 
Silk ties by Janet Sullins
Calumet, Rock Island Light, buoys and Calumet, Pardon Me, the Zipper (with a zipper painted on it for effect) and Skinner lures,  [Click photos to enlarge]

Watercolor Painting:  Winter Sentinels

     By Kathi McCarthy

Kathi  McCarthy, and her husband, Dennis are active members of the Thousand islands diving community and are the owners of Blue Ledge System Inc. a local publishing house.  One book, edited by Kathi,  is a reprint of the The Old Fort: Carleton Island in the Revolution, originally published in 1889 and written by “Carleton” alias Major James H. Durham. To see a TI Life profile of this very industrious couple, please see our March 2011 article, Kathi and Dennis McCarthy’s Discoveries …  You can search both Dennis and Kathi’s McCarthy for their many popular TI Life articles.

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Philip Chadwick
Comment by: Philip Chadwick ( )
Left at: 9:50 AM Saturday, February 15, 2014
Congratulations Janet... I have always enjoyed your art! Good for you!
Rich Huff
Comment by: Rich Huff ( )
Left at: 9:30 AM Monday, February 17, 2014

Congrats. I have always enjoyed your work.

Erin Greene
Comment by: Erin Greene ( )
Left at: 1:59 PM Tuesday, February 18, 2014
Imagine my surprise, while browsing in Corbin's River Heritage last fall, at finding an original painting (and a few prints)of my husband and me in our electric skiff, Amelia. We had been making one of our regular (almost nightly) cruises through The Narrows between Wellesley and Murray. Apparently, Janet Sullins was on a passing boat, snapped a photo of us and turned it into a painting, titled "Amelia," that now hangs on a wall in our home. Art imitating life? How about art capturing life? Thank you, Janet. We love the painting.