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Get Ready for the 3rd Annual Photo Contest

It’s that time of year again, to celebrate the beauty of our islands - through your eyes.

Our 3rd annual Thousand Islands Life Photo Contest is officially announced. And, judging from the quality of the pictures that Susie Smith, our Editor, has been posting on the TILife’s Facebook page all summer, it promises to be the best ever.

There are a number of reasons why we began this initiative. The first is mentioned above, but another objective is to provide a showcase for your talents and passion for the place to a large appreciative audience, while at the same time, allowing them to see parts of the River that they may not be intimately familiar with.

As always, there are three awards, gold, silver and bronze certificates, created by graphic artist extraordinaire, Dave O'Malley, ready for framing, for the best overall submissions. Each award winner will also receive a copy of Water, Wind and Sk;, the book I crafted for those of us who live on the River. We’ll also showcase these winning images and the best of the rest as "honorable mentions” in the December issue. These should sent straight to Susie, so she can forward them to me blind, to judge.

Please send a maximum of 3 of your best images, with a short caption/explanation for each to: 

Sunday, December 6th, is the deadline.

We’d like to see your three best images, old, new or  even those that have already been submitted to illustrate TI Life stories, or to be  used on our Facebook page. Personally, I particularly enjoy great wildlife images (probably because I find them so challenging to capture,) so I’m hoping some great ones will be coming our way.

To provide inspiration, here are the last two years’ award winners, plus several honorable mentions:

2013 Winners   

2012 Winners

Sample of our Honorable Mentions

Visit December 2012 and December 2013 to view all previous winners.  Also take note that Ian Coristine provides a hint: 

Just a reminder, out of focus images, unintended crooked horizons and bad exposures should be corrected with the software that came with your camera. Cropping-out extraneous detail, or to re-frame an image can also increase impact. Despite trying really hard to get it right while shooting, most of my images are later improved, through careful editing. If you don’t already do this, you’ll be surprised how often an ordinary image can be improved and sometimes transformed in this way. 

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By Ian Coristine

Ian Coristine has been active in aerial photography for over 25 years and has written extensively for U.S. and Canadian aviation publications. The demands of air-to-air photography proved ideal training for an unexpected career of delighting residents of the Thousand Islands with five books that showcase the region's beauty.

His Thousand Islands photographs have been featured internationally. DxO Labs of Paris, France, award winning publishers of revolutionary high-end camera and lens correction software, selected Coristine as one of their 12 founding "Image Masters" from professional photographers around the world.

Ian Coristine's sixth book is an interactive eBook for the iPad, titled One in a Thousand, a memoir, and was co-written with Donna Walsh Inglehart. Produced by McLellan Interactive Publishing, it includes an 85,000-word text, set in a beautiful layout, videos of his flying adventures, nature sounds from the River, unpublished music from Great Lake Swimmers and an interactive map with hundreds of his best images embedded in the text.

Since Paul Malo created Thousand Islands Life Magazine, Ian has generously shared his photography in each issue as well as providing our special “headers.”

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Katy Thomas
Comment by: Katy Thomas
Left at: 9:35 PM Saturday, November 15, 2014
I never tire of seeing beautiful pictures on, in or above the Thousand Islands and the St. Lawrence River. What a wonderful way to share its magical draw!