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Angels Among Us in the Thousand Islands…

A dear friend gave me a book about angels recently. I thought to myself, I have never read of anyone telling about their Angelic encounters in the Thousand Islands Life Magazine, but I am sure I was touched by an angel back in 1995, when we had a microburst.

It was on a Friday in July that my encounter began… we were starting our vacation, My husband had the car full of supplies for two weeks, at our home in Alexandria Bay. Our refrigerator was packed.

That night at about 4:30 am on Saturday morning I woke to a loud noisy thunderstorm. I pulled the blinds up and saw our backyard full of lightning strikes, hundreds of them, I am sure.

Then I heard loud cracking and crashing sounds. I bolted out of bed and ran downstairs to get out of the camp. My husband didn't seem to be concerned. Once I got to the door of our camp, the violent storm was over and had moved on. I took one look at our driveway, we were blocked in, as our 400-foot driveway had been lined with tall trees.

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I screamed at the sight of it. No power either. Once my husband came downstairs, he grabbed a flashlight and ran to our shed, to get our one-week old Stihl chainsaw. We had done a lot of research on the purchase, as we saw neighbors struggle with keeping them working.

To make a long story short, it took three days for him to cut ourselves out.. In-between he took our small boat over to Alexandria Bay to make contact with relatives. At that time, they had pay phones, Remember, we had no power, water, phone or toilets working. He called an older Uncle of mine in Syracuse. He volunteered to come the next day with blocks of ice for our refrigerator and better than that, a Honda generator!

He was horrified by what he saw. This was the Angel part! Both neighbors on each side had trees fallen through their camps, but we were protected. No personal injury at all, only trouble for the cleanup.

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It took us over three years to clean up the property. What to do with all the lumber? One day, when I walked-up the driveway after it was cleared, two young men appeared. They said they would take the lumber to the sawmill. No money exchanged hands, but the giant logs were no longer there.

All in all, we lost over 90+ Pine, Maple and Elm trees; most were mature trees. What was once a nice shaded property, became a warm and sunny lot.


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It took the utility company, then Niagara Mohawk, ten days to restore power. So, now I tell friends and neighbors - if you aren't prepared, you should be. Always have batteries, matches, bottled water and supplies on hand. With no phone or power, you are "dead in the water."

I was wondering if any others who read this online magazine had similar experiences as I did, or angelic encounters to share with readers in the Thousand Islands. Several days before the microburst came, I bought a book to interpret dreams and soon after I had a vivid dream of seeing the image of Christ on the River, looking at me. The book described the dream as my having a “Trial” first, followed by “Peace.” The Microburst was certainly my “Trial” and now many years later I am enjoying the “Peace”. I Hope you never have to go through anything like this, but be aware, Angels are all around us, we just might see them,and they may help.



By Mary Politis

Mary Politis and her husband and son have a home in Syracuse, NY. and spend the summer in Carnegie Bay, near Alexandria Bay. Mary has been a TI Life reader for several years and is always on the lookout for unique topics and individuals to interview. Her discovery of the sinking of the cargo ship, 7Th Fleet Rescue of the USS Yanix Discovered; and The Edgar Cayce’s 1000 Islands Link are two of her articles.

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Michael Joyce
Comment by: Michael Joyce
Left at: 9:21 AM Friday, September 21, 2018
As a wise person once observed, "Coincidences are God's way of staying anonymous." Great story Mary. That storm had a lasting impact on the 1000 Islands, even to this day.