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TI Life Happenings in June ‘14

June has arrived.  Beautiful weather, water levels are perfect, and everyone is returning to the River. 

This issue

Hayley Coristine presents The Thousand Islands Inn: A Home for New Traditions;

Lynn McElfresh describes a Close Call …. Again, with the grounding of Federal Kavalina; and Kim Lunman reviews 125 Years of Boating at Ed Huck Marine

I give two thumbs-up for two new publications: one to Brockville author,  “Home Before Dark” by Rosemary Sexton, and one for The Wind in the Islands, by Scott Ouderkirk, who reintroduces when Rat talks about “messing about in boats.”

Karan Cross introduces Mary Ann Evans and her Evolution of an Arts Fest, called Mare’s Ware’s Art Fest.

Rod Anstee found a photo album and then found out who the people were. in Hunting for Fishermen in the 1000 Islands and we give a lesson in Long Exposure Photography by Doug Day.

For the first time we publish a story that is not about the Thousand Islands, but rather about Life on an Island… Down Under… written by Pauline Buckby.

And finally, I launch a Donate Button on TI Life.  (Some will say; why did you wait so long?  Others may not be keen.  Either way, let me know what you think.)

New contributors

Douglas Day - Long Exposure Photography by Doug Day

Douglas Day was raised in the Midwest, and says he was given a Polaroid camera and “pretty much went crazy taking pictures of everything from grass, bugs, sunsets…” He was also fascinated by the world and joined the Marine Corps, where he spent ten years with the “best Men and Women on earth.”  Today, he and his wife, Judy and their three children, live in the North Country and he serves as an Air Traffic Controller. Be sure to visit his website:  DDay Photography

Karan Marie Cross - Evolution of an Arts Fest

Northern New York native Karan Cross, spent her formative years in gold rush country, California. Her professional career spans such diverse fields, as crafting custom-design furniture, working with emotionally disabled youth, and telecommunications network design. A long time collector of fine jewelry, in 2002, Karan created The Wild Inside - personally handcrafted pieces in stone, pearl and precious metals. After 24 years in New York’s Capital District, in 2005, she and her husband, Ed LaVarnway, relocated to the North Country, on the Oswegatchie River, south of Ogdensburg.  She continues to create jewelry and has employed her organizational skills, to help develop the Mare’s Ware Arts Fest.

Rod Anstee - Hunting for Fishermen in the 1000 Islands

Rod Anstee resides in Ottawa and is well known as a book and photography collector.  In 2013,  Nigel Beale, from the Biblio File website, interviewed Rod in “Anatomy of a Kerouac Collector: Interview with Rod Anstee”, which gives a sense of the importance this man places on the thorough researching and preservation of the past, and the pleasure he finds in this work.  

No photograph available.  We chose instead the folded menu Rod found tucked into a Thousand Islands Album.  Click to enlarge

Town and Gown Problems

Over the years, Islanders and summer residents spend large sums of money, in their respective communities.  Taxes come to mind first, but collect all your receipts from spring to fall; you will see just how much you support the local economy.  (Buying the newspaper, hair salons, marinas, restaurants, supermarkets, and the list has just begun…)

This month I received phone calls asking if I could help, those living off the Town of Gananoque (Admiralty and Lake Fleet Islands) with their parking problem.  The Gananoque Municipal Marina has expanded its docking facilities (good news indeed,) but ONLY those who have purchased boat slips, will have parking privileges.)  At the same time, the Town of Gananoque has sold off municipal parking lots to developers and now there is not enough parking for marina patrons; even worse, for local waterfront business patrons.  As we go to press, the Town has organized free parking, a mile north of town, with a free shuttle bus, but the service ends at 6:00 p.m. and there is no convenient way for islanders to welcome family or visitors. 

Why is this a problem?  “Town of Gananoque says; “not our problem you pay taxes to the Township,” while the township says;
“We can’t do anything about it, for it is a Town problem.”  Islanders say, “We support both the Town and the Township with our dollars.”

University towns call this Town and Gown issues. I was reminded of an Army Base in western USA, which had a similar problem.  One week the Base Commander paid all personnel, with the hardly used two dollar US bills.  By the end of the week the townspeople became well aware as to how much the economy relied on base personnel! 

To the Gananoque area Islanders and summer residents, I suggest you ask the Town and Township to “talk.” Many of us will volunteer to sit on committees to help find solutions. 

If you live in a community that has a town and gown problem– write to YOUR town, village and/or township officials and ask them to meet  to solve problems, make constructive suggestions and work together to keep our 22 Thousand Islands communities the paradise we love. 

New Fun in the Thousand Islands

Heard of Flyboarding?  Check out these facebook pages and a new extreme sport from Lake Erie Flyboard and All in AdventuresAll in Adventures is located in the Thousand Islands Region, providing individual and group/party packages for FLYBOARDING.  The Flyboard is a type of water “jetpack” that is attached to a personal water craft; it supplies propulsion to drive the flyboard into the air.  it was invented recently in France and is now available in the Thousand Islands. 

Stay safe, enjoy, and be sure to send us photographs of your flights! 


Or what about a helicopter tour?  1000 Islands Helicopter Tours offers the most spectacular views of the 1000 Islands and Boldt Castle. 

This new business, which is open year-round, offers three unique tours taking off from a new state of the art facility.  

Located just north of the 401, in Gananoque, they have a welcome centre, offer barrier-free access, plenty of parking for large RVs and tour buses and high-definition tour videos, for all flights are available. Boldt Castle is only minutes away and passports are never required.


Or not that adventuresome.  You can still enjoy the breathtaking view, from the 1000 Islands Tower and actually see the 1000 Islands & St. Lawrence River.

Running continuously, the elevator takes only 40 seconds to reach the first of three observation decks and provides visitors with a spectacular photographic opportunity.  You will certainly enjoy the panoramic view of the 1000 Islands and St Lawrence River, stretched out 130 metres or 400' below. 

There are great history displays in the Tower and a helpful staff to answer your questions. 

Enjoy the start of summer 2014…  There is la lot to do.

Follow up…

  • TI Life team member, Captain Brian Johnson, sent us this message, "Maybe I should write a book..." Well, my amazing friend, Felicity Bennett McKendry who has taught more than 1,100 Canadians to fly, including Canadian astronauts Marc Garneau and Steve MacLean, is now an Author!”  Brian profiled Felicity McKendry in Flying Solo; the Felicity McKendry story, in April 2013.


  • Back in July 2012, we published Mitchell & Wilson Ltd.’s Minute Book, Part II.  Barbara Wilson in Michigan, recognized her ancestor, David Wilson and soon after made plans to visit Gananoque for the first time.  In early June, Barbara and her husband arrived in Gananoque.  They were given a tour by Ewart Richardson, whose ancestor was George Mitchell,  and then spent time with John Nalon, president of the Gananoque Historical Society.   I had the pleasure of meeting Barbara and she thanked us for helping her trace her family heritage.  Once again, TI Life was able to play a helpful role.


Thanks to our photographers who shared their favorites this month.  Keep them coming and start saving your best for our December Photo Contest. 

Please Don’t Forget

FACEBOOKRemember our facebook page throughout the month, as we post information and photographs & follow us on Twittertwitter 2

Do you write about the River - near to it, from above or below?  If so, please consider submitting an article.  Let us know what you like, or dislike, about TI Life, so we can all share more ideas.  And… most of all; please ask questions and leave comments.

By Susan W. Smith, Editor

Special thanks to our editors: David Ray, Jane Taylor, Bill Stallan and Georgia Barker.
  • Our June cover photo cuts off Shawn Galiotto... but you can see the whole photo above!

    Our June cover photo cuts off Shawn Galiotto... but you can see the whole photo above!

  • Mia Regan's photo - Watch me fly... no jets required.

    Mia Regan's photo - Watch me fly... no jets required.

  • Dennis McCarthy finds a visiting Snow Goose in June in the back of Dodge Bay.

    Dennis McCarthy finds a visiting Snow Goose in June in the back of Dodge Bay.

  • "Spooky" wants those ducks. Photo by Diane Leblanc.

  • We asked for photos of your favorite boats.  Trevor Battams shares this one.

    We asked for photos of your favorite boats. Trevor Battams shares this one.

  • Photo courtesy All in Adventures

    Photo courtesy All in Adventures

  • Kayakers are out and enjoying every minute.  Photo by Dennis McCarthy

    Kayakers are out and enjoying every minute. Photo by Dennis McCarthy

  • "My Way" at Hall of Fame Poker Run leaving Alexandria Bay 6/14/14. Photo by Lil Cooledge

  • Ship passing through.  Photo by Jim Graves

    Ship passing through. Photo by Jim Graves

  • "Pineglen" passing the Castle. Photo by Jim Graves

  • Yes, they are cute at this stage...  Photo by Jim Graves

    Yes, they are cute at this stage... Photo by Jim Graves


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i'm 80 and out of shape, is this something i could do? i waterskied on my 40th BD. don't think i could do now though cause that was the only time. did somee down hill skiing before that and after!