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All I want for Xmas…

The hook is only 139 words of the Preface, but that was all it took for me to want the Jefferson County Egan Murders: Nightmare on New Year’s Eve, 1964 wrapped and placed under my tree.  In fact, I could not wait!


Just about everybody between the ages of 55 and 105 in New York’s Jefferson County remembers New Year’s Eve 1964. They might not remember where they were celebrating, or with whom they celebrated, but they most certainly remember the heinous events that took place on that cold, dark night fifty years ago. What happened at a desolate rest area, sent shock waves throughout northern New York.

Not everybody was out partying and having a good time—especially not Peter Egan, twenty-seven; his pretty wife Barbara, twenty-four; and Peter’s younger brother, Gerald, nineteen. They had planned on celebrating New Year’s Eve later with friends at a local bowling alley, but first, they had some important business to attend to Illegal business.

In the waning hours of 1964, the three were found dead, all with two bullets fired into their heads.

“The Jefferson County Egan Murders: Nightmare on New Year’s Eve, 1964” written by Dave Shampine & Daniel T. Boyer


That brings me to the simple conclusion that Books make the perfect gift.  But which ones?

Marilyn’s Picks

We asked Marilyn Hutchison, from Corbin’s River Heritage in Clayton for her list of best sellers:

  • The Very Best Of Ian Coristine's 1000 Islands (Hard Cover) – Photography portraying the beauty of the 1000 islands
  • Boldt Castle; Floating World – Both books written by the late author and historian, Paul Malo 
  • Life in the 1000 Islands during the Gilded Age: Classic Boats Of The Thousand Islands (Hard Cover) – by Anthony Mollica, Jr.  He explores the region's rich boat building heritage
  • Riverviews (Hard Cover) – by Tom French provides a history of the 1000 Islands in real 3D.
  • Wind In The Islands – By Scott Ouderkirk. Explore the St Lawrence River with rat, toad and mole. (Reviewed in TI Life in June, ‘14)
  • Meandering Among The Islands – The newest book written by Judy Keeler & Dan Miller.  This book is a re-creation of the historic Searchlight Tours of the 1880s on the St Lawrence River.
  • Grindstone, A Novel – written by Donna Walsh Inglehart – Historical fiction set on Grindstone Island and Clayton in the 1860s


And for the younger readers

  • Humming Room (Hard Cover) 8-12 years – by Ellen Potter.  Set on the St Lawrence River.
  • St Lawrence ABC's (Hard Cover)  2-4 years – By Silvana Gargione. (Reviewed in TI Life in

TI Life List

Throughout the year we feature new River books; with the following titles reviewed during 2014:

And there are 56 books listed on our “Books Page”

Book Sellers

This is an imperfect list of book sellers in the region.  [Is your favorite store included?  If not send a link to] Be sure to call ahead for opening hours:


TI Life Book Page

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By Susan W. Smith, Editor.

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mary Politis
Comment by: mary Politis
Left at: 5:21 PM Wednesday, December 17, 2014
Dear susan thanks for listing all the nice books unique to our area. It is greatly appreciated. You might find that anew book "Little Author inthe big woods a biography of Laura Inglass Wilder just cam e out. Alamanzo Wilder "PA" was born in Malone Ny. His homestead is a museum now. Although the book doenst mention it he comes from our area. You can visit the museum on the web. I thought it might make a another article for you. See you soon.