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TI Life Happenings May ‘14

For those not living in the Thousand Islands right now, we have to admit that the weather has not been beautiful. There have been a few nice spring days, and two resembling summer, but as we go online… it is still early spring so if you are out on the River, take care and stay warm.  

This month we hit 2,000 Likes on our TI Life Facebook page – and we registered 5203 subscribers for TI Life on May 12, 2014…  Putting a thousand islands in your life is certainly happening.

TI Life in May

Nature:  Lynn McElfresh gives us a tour in Grenell: The Garden Isle; Nancy Bond teaches with A Lesson About Geese, Well Learned; and Brandon Hollis warns us about  Pale Swallow-wort – A 1000 Islands Invader.

Days gone by:  Just some more pictures – 130 years ago by Robert Matthews.  In fact, Robert asks  if you have old photographs that match these illustrations? If so, we want to hear from you).

Rex Ennis has found another connection to the 1000 Islands in 100 Year Old Naval Disaster Connects to Grindstone and  Arthur Pegg’s Finding my ancestor… and his Battle for Oswego, provides a lesson in genealogy.

Pauline Buckby, who lives in Tasmania, presents Chauncey Bugbee–the American Patriot.  Pauline discovered TI Life, on her other side of the world, through our series of articles written about the Patriot War of 1838, by Dr. John Carter.  Pauline realized that her husband’s ancestor came as a prisoner of war  from the North Country -  he never came back.  Pauline is 91 years of age, and just published her eighth book on Tasmanian history.

River Waves:  Hayley Coristine presents Brewing Up a Success Story in Gananoque; I review Two Histories, One Community written by Dave and Sandra Wells; Hunter Grimes introduces Frank Annecetto, in The Mystery of Honeymoon Island and Cary Brick pays tribute to James L. Oberstar, the former Minnesota Congressman, whose ties to the Great Lakes was strong, in Tony Collins, Meet Jim Oberstar.

New Contributors

Pauline Buckby - Chauncey Bugbee–the American Patriot

Pauline Buckby, although travelled extensively overseas, has lived most of her life in Tasmania. She is 91 years of age and just published her eighth book on Tasmanian history – and is now writing number nine!  Pauline became interested in writing when she moved to Circular Head in 1960, saying, “Writing became a hobby to overcome loneliness of country life after living most of my life in the city.” Pauline has written a number of published short stories and articles; holds three writing diplomas; she also won a National Literary Award for her second book, ’Robbins Island Saga’. She is Past President of the Fellowship of Writers and has always been interested in Tasmanian History.

Hayley Coristine – Brewing Up a Success Story in Gananoque

Hayley Coristine is an environmental and communications consultant working between Brussels, Belgium and Birmingham, England. Despite living half a world away, she’s been spending summers in the Thousand Islands for the past 15 years and attributes her interest in the environment, to countless days on the River, learning about ecology, invasive species and water policy. Since then, she’s worked with the Environment Agency in the UK, the University of Edinburgh and Cambridge City Council, to promote citizen engagement in environmental issues. Hayley is happiest when underwater or taking a dip in the River at sunrise. An active social media enthusiast, she has a photography blog about nature in the city ( and you can follow her on Twitter @haylo53.
Brandon Hollis - Pale Swallow-wort–A 1000 Islands Invader 

Brandon Hollis joined the Thousand Islands Land Trust in… He is a SUNY Potsdam graduate, with a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Science, having studied biodiversity conservation, environmental ethics, natural resource policy, and GIS. A native of Alexandria Bay, Brandon has spent much time on and along the St. Lawrence River, which contributes to his great appreciation for the Thousand Islands Region.

Arthur Pegg UE - Finding my ancestor… and his Battle for Oswego

Arthur Pegg is a writer and historian living in Blenheim, Ontario near Rondeau Provincial Park, on Lake Erie. He teaches history at the campuses of St. Clair College in Chatham and Windsor, Ontario. Arthur is a member of the Col. Edward Jessup Branch - United Empire Loyalists Association, and a member of the War of 1812 Society. He can be reached at
Cary Brick - Tony Collins, Meet Jim Oberstar

Cary Brick lives on the river at Shady Shores, near Clayton; he retired from a 30+ career in the US Congress, where he was Chief of Staff to three successive Upstate NY Members of Congress. He is currently a freelance writer; Chairs the Thousand Islands Foundation, serves as a member of the Clayton Local Development Corporation and is an elected Commissioner of the Clayton Fire District.  Lastly, as a retired Judge, he performs weddings.  Cary can be reached at


Tall Ships of the Thousand Islands

Did you miss taking a photograph of your favorite Tall Ship passing through the Islands last summer?  Not to worry, The Tall Ships of the Thousand Islands, is now on sale at local book stores. Dennis McCarthy captured these photographs over  several years.

There are 21 ships included in the book, each with a description. 

For more information see TI Life Books

15th Biennial Quilt Show coming to Clayton, June 6-8


30 million quilters – world-wide – can’t be wrong. Quilting is one of the most popular decorative arts, and quilters will travel far and wide to see a new display.  On June 6-8, 2014, The North Country Quilting Guild will hold its 15th biennial quilt show at the Cerow Recreation Park Arena, 615 East Line Road, Clayton, NY.


The event will feature more than 300 quilts, among them 30 quilts by noted designer/author Mary Knapp, seen here with her original Flying Facets quilt that won a 2012 Vermont Quilt Festival award. Mary spends her summers quilting at her cottage on the St. Lawrence River and has taken inspiration from the River for dyeing her own fabric in spectacular shades of blue and green.

The show includes demonstrations, vendors, and a mini-quilt silent auction to benefit the Gouverneur Business Women’s Breast Cancer Walk Fund, assisting women in Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence counties.   See, for more information.

Point Vivian gets a new face…

Point Vivian Association is hosting a new webpage:  Their mission; “This website is devoted to the members of the Point Vivian Park Association and public, wanting to learn more about Point Vivian, a summer community nestled in the beautiful Thousand Islands Region of New York. This website is also dedicated to the preservation of our community, as well as other historic communities along the St. Lawrence River, and to providing members with updated information on all happenings, events and issues, pertaining not only to the Point Vivian Park Association but to other summer communities along the river.” 


Richard L. Palmer compiled several newspaper columns, giving detailed information about the steamship, Sir Robert Peel.  These are published this month, under tab:  THE PLACE, HISTORY and The Short Life of the Steamer Sir Robert Peel, by Richard F. Palmer.  Richard is a retired newspaper editor and reporter and well known for his weekly historical columns for the Oswego Palladium-Times, called "On the Waterfront."   He is also a regular contributor to the Maritime History of the Great Lakes website and is frequently consulted by people searching for shipwrecks on Lake Ontario.

Cross Island Farm News

News from Dani Baker and David Belding reads “Clayton going organic!”  In addition to some of  the Wellesley Island’s Cross Island Farm’s organic vegetables and meats being available at the Clayton Food Co-op, their salad vegetables are now featured on the menus of both Bella's Bistro and the Clipper Inn in Clayton.  Dani says, “So when you patronize these establishments for a meal out, please let them know you appreciate their providing local organic produce from Cross Island Farms!”   Be sure to check out their website, and ask if you may subscribe to their newsletter, which is filled with interesting farming news, written in a style that will delight.


April Edition

We appreciated being able to add  family photographs sent to TI Life by Gloria Cruppi, to Paul Heberling’s article, Bob Hunt as I knew Him - an essay by Donald Heberling.  Gloria read the article and realized it was about her relatives.  “Robert Hunt was born Robert Henry Hunt in 1868. He was the son of Thomas Fitzmaurice Hunt and Hannora McGrath.  Nellie Louise Poole was born in 1876. Nellie was my great-aunt, the sister of my Grandmother, Florence Irene Poole Cadue. When Rob died, my mother brought Aunt Nell to live with us in Fairport, N.Y. She lived with us until her death.” 



Doug Day shared this spring day photo from Kring Point State Park.  When readers questioned if it was photo shopped... Doug replied, "This is another NON-photo shopped image. This is a 5-minute exposure, which creates the motion in the clouds and the fog effect in the water. If you would like to know more information, let me know".  We said “yes”, so in June, Doug will give us a lesson on how to take long exposures!   Doug can be reached online through DDay Photography


We also requested proof that it was really spring in the Thousand Islands.  The results are below in a slide show… 

Please Don’t Forget

FACEBOOKRemember our facebook page throughout the month, as we post information and photographs & follow us on Twittertwitter 2

Do you write about the River - near to it, from above or below?  If so, please consider submitting an article.  Let us know what you like, or dislike, about TI Life so we can share more ideas.  And… most of all, please ask questions and leave comments.

By Susan W. Smith, Editor

Special thanks to our editors David Ray, Jane Taylor, Bill Stallan and Georgia Barker.
  • Photo by Sarah Ellen Smith

    Photo by Sarah Ellen Smith

  • Another spring day.  Photo byJeremy Hobbs

    Another spring day. Photo byJeremy Hobbs

  • Doug and Judy Day capture it all, Sky and Ship, plus our TI Bridge

    Doug and Judy Day capture it all, Sky and Ship, plus our TI Bridge

  • Our Zipper returns for summer.  Photo by Linda Schmitt

    Our Zipper returns for summer. Photo by Linda Schmitt

  • Philip Tifone found this on Clayton's shore. Scratched out is

    Philip Tifone found this on Clayton's shore. Scratched out is "I Love River!"

  • TILT launches

    TILT launches "Eileen" for the summer of 2014. Photo courtesy TILT

  • Tina Miles captures

    Tina Miles captures ""Victorious? passing Lily Bay

  • Dennis McCarthy Sunset one

    Dennis McCarthy Sunset one

  • Dennis McCarthy Sunset two

    Dennis McCarthy Sunset two

  • Dennis McCarthy Sunset three

    Dennis McCarthy Sunset three

  • Dennis McCarthy Sunset four

    Dennis McCarthy Sunset four

  • Lynda Crothers' has this view all day...  Wolfe Island has its advantages.

    Lynda Crothers' has this view all day... Wolfe Island has its advantages.

  • Jan Staples is hard at work... a sure sign of spring!

    Jan Staples is hard at work... a sure sign of spring!

  • Brian Matthey suggests the fishing season will start soon...

    Brian Matthey suggests the fishing season will start soon...

  • Nothing says spring like planting seeds. Linda Crothers has found a neat way to make a greenhouse.

    Nothing says spring like planting seeds. Linda Crothers has found a neat way to make a greenhouse.


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