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The following references were presented by Paul Malo for the April 2008 edition of Thousand Islands Life magazine. 

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A large literature discusses to the Canadian Rebellions of 1837 and the Patriot War the following year. Regarding the events associated with the 1838 invasion of Prescott, the definitive, state-of-the-art book is Donald E. Graves study, Guns Across the River: the Battle of the Windmill, 1838. An organization formed in 1994, the Friends of Windmill Point, commissioned Graves, a well-known and respected military historian, to prepare the text, as well as others who contributed additional research, maps, and original art. Copiously illustrated, Guns Across the River is an engaging read while providing the most comprehensive data about the events and participants.


Donald E. Graves. Guns Across the River: the Battle of the Windmill, 1838. Prescott, Ontario. The Friends of Windmill Point, 2001.


For a biography of Nils von Schoultz, the major work is Ella Pipping's This Creature of Fancy:  The Story of a Soldier of Fortune.


According to the Dictionary of Canadian Biography, "The only source for the European portion of Schoultz’s life is a somewhat coy but solid biography: Ella Pipping, Soldier of fortune: the story of a nineteenth century adventurer, trans. Naomi Walford (Boston, 1971), originally published in Swedish as En orons legionär: Nils Gustaf von Schoultz, 1807–1838 ([Helsinki, Finland, 1967]). Written by a descendant, this work is largely based on family papers. It is not quite as good on North American events but is easily supplemented from a variety of sources." The biography is a fairly light read, but valued for family insights into a complicated person.


Other references:


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