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TI Life’s Top 6 for June ‘15

June 2015 –  summer is here.  13 articles may be too many to read in your hammock, so take them with you on your iPad or tablet with the  Flipboard App!

Mathew D. Hargreaves found a photograph and had to know more in Revealing A Portrait of “Valeria” and Konrad Linckh wants to know more about his Tower in Tower turns 50…What do you remember?

Terry Bambrick states, It’s About Lifejackets (PFDs)…….it’s all about life and I tell how Dani Baker takes a day off…

You will be touched by Lynn McElfresh’s Summer is an Island, Peggy Bond Timmerman’s The Last Time I Saw My Father and M.A. Noble’s Touring the River of Darkness, River of Light.

Jessy Kahn reviews 3 Advanced Sudoku Techniques… by Dan LeKander, while I introduce Art Pundt’s Photography and two new books: “Ian Coristine’s 1000 Islands” – hits the mark, again, and Patty Mondore’s “A Bird Lover’s Reflections.”

And best of all, suggestions for Special Summer Happenings


New Contributors

Peggy Bond Timmerman - The Last Time I Saw My Father

Peggy Bond Timmerman grew up on the House Road in Clayton, NY, the oldest daughter of Leo and Nancy Bond.  Peggy raised three sons, has five grandchildren, and recently retired from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Service.  Once again she is living happily back in Clayton on the House Road.

Matthew D. Hargreaves - Revealing A Portrait of “Valeria”

Matthew D. Hargreaves was born, raised and continues to live near Seattle, Washington. After graduating with a degree in Law Enforcement, he decided this was not his calling. Instead, he trained as an apprentice printing pressman, moving up to the grade of journeyman. Before leaving the trade after 30 years - as a printer and publishing executive - Matthew developed an interest in photography. This article for TI Life demonstrates his ability to not only discover interesting old photographs, but providing in-depth research about the 1000 Islands.

Jessy Kahn - Book Review: 3 Advanced Sudoku Techniques… by Dan LeKander
and Dani Baker takes a day off…

Jessy Kahn is a fan of difficult puzzles of all kinds.  She owned a Toronto, ON, independent bookstore for fourteen years and has been chair of the selection committee for the Toronto Book Awards.


1.  Concern for boaters cruising the 1000 Islands waters.

Mariners in the 1000 Islands woke up to a cautionary warning on June 11, 2015, with an article in the Watertown Daily Times. Simple terms, US boaters who ply the Canadian channels are required to phone into Canadian Border Services Agency as soon as they cross the boundary line. (Which is marked on the hydrographic charts, but may not be easy to discern)

It is not a simple task to find the actual regulations, but  a Google search under the Term: Travellers gave the start.   (NOTE THE DATE, 5 Dec 2014)

Quote:  Travellers

“5 Dec 2014 ... Canadians and Permanent Residents. Information for Canadian citizens and
permanent residents on the CBSA's border services.”

From there you see:

Plan your trip across the border

Copy from Canadian Border Services Agency:

Reporting requirements for private boaters

If you are the owner/operator of a private boat entering Canadian waters, and you are carrying 29 people or fewer, you must report your arrival to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

Note: There are different requirements for boats carrying 30 or more people (detailed below).

Reporting methods

As owner/operator of the boat, it is your responsibility to report to the CBSA when you enter Canadian waters. While in most cases you will be required to report from a Telephone Reporting Site-Marine (TRS/M), in specific circumstances you can report from the water.

Reporting from a CBSA marine reporting site

Go directly to a TRS/M and follow the instructions posted on location to contact the Telephone Reporting Centre (TRC) and request clearance to enter Canada. Only the owner/operator may leave the boat to place the call to the TRC. Everyone else must remain onboard until the CBSA gives authorization.


Report directly in-person at one of ten Direct Reporting Sites for Marine Private Vessels (DRS/M), which are CBSA staffed marine ports of entry.

Reporting from the water

You can report to the TRC from the location at which you enter Canadian waters only if certain conditions are met. In all cases, everyone onboard must be a citizen or permanent resident of either Canada or the United States.

If you are visiting Canada, you can report to the TRC from your cellphone from the location at which you enter Canadian waters when you:

  • do not intend to land on Canadian soil, and
  • will not be leaving any people or goods in Canada.

If you are returning to Canada, you can report to the TRC from the location at which you enter Canadian waters when you:

  • have not landed on U.S. soil, and
  • you have not taken on any people or goods while in foreign waters.

Note: If you meet the above conditions and are planning on continuously weaving in and out of Canadian waters, you only need to report to the TRC the first time that you cross the border into Canadian waters.

NOTE:  June 15, 2015.  The Watertown Daily Times, has an update article providing the outcome of a weekend meeting at the Antique Boat Museum explaining the Canadian and US rules. [U.S. and Canadian law enforcement officials attempt to clarify the cross-border boating laws



2.  Sad News


Friends around the River are sad to learn that Bobbie Trimble died on May 5th, 2015, for Bobbie was a well-known participant in several river organizations.

I first met Bobbie and her  husband Ted, on Boundary Island (Lake Fleet) in the 1980s.  I was researching Island Names and boldly stopped to ask how the island received its name.  I soon learned the Boundary Commission of 1822 placed a marker on the island to help set the International Boundary line.

We remained friends, and over the years when she moved to Clayton. I also often had the occasion to thank Bobbie and her family for the many gifts they gave to favourite River organizations.

A special lady who made a special difference.



3. Thomas K. Hunt

Watch for this new book.  In January 2015 we published Poetry by Thomas K. Hunt.  This month Tom wrote, “All the feedback I received gave me the confidence to have a book published. It’s titled “Leaving French Creek Bay” and will be released this summer. This is a very exciting time for me and my family and I owe a lot of it you for getting my material out in the public eye.”

Tom we feel fortunate having you share your beautiful words with “TI Life.”  All the very best!

Tate Publishing and Enterprises, LLC

“Leaving French Creek Bay” is a collection of poems that express what was, what is, and what could be.

The St. Lawrence River was and is a beautiful place to enjoy all the seasons of your life. At my age, one month of winter is more than enough; but as a kid, I didn't mind it all.

86 pages - $8.99 (paperback)



4. New Facebook Page for Photographers

Dennis and Kathi McCarthy have created a new facebook page – Thousand Islands River Views.

Dennis has taken pictures in the Thousand Islands for several years.  He hosts other websites  such as: and Thousand Islands Area Scuba Divers as well as contributing with his wife, Kathi, pictures, stories and news to the “Watertown Daily Times,” “Thousand Islands Sun” and “TI Life.”

Do ask if you can join the group – and add your photographs.  Dennis asks that you provide a date and location of each photographs.  .TI Life will share many throughout the month on our Facebook page too.



5. Never too late to comment!

It was November 2011 when Kim Lunman wrote “Garden Island grew from merely a dot.” Yet only this week we received another comment:  Comment by: Keir Weseloh Left at: 12:25 PM Saturday, June 13, 2015:  Great article! I'm lucky enough to spend my summers on Garden Island and can say its hardly changed at all. We're very lucky to have such a special place, and you can see and feel the history all around you! It was great to read a little more of the history of the island.


Play the Painted Piano…Comment by: Chris Left at: 4:49 PM Thursday, June 11, 2015 We live overseas, but return to the 1000 Islands every summer. Last year we stumbled across the piano in the park with a very musical friend of ours. It was a lot of fun trying to figure out what it was all about and then listening to him play. More of this Gan!

My Squirrels–Friends or Foes?Comment by: Nancy Bond ( Author) - Left at: 1:05 PM Monday, May 18, 2015 The story of how I finally got rid of the little pests is really another whole story..(and I didn't actually get rid of them) May third was my 82nd birthday and as usual. it was occasion for a big Bonderosa party. The weather was perfect, so we had a cookout on the front lawn. not too surprisingly, the first gift I received was a battery operated water gun that would squirt half way across the lawn. We already had a supply of smaller ones, and someone (I won't say who) shot the first spray at a Great Grandson and the war was on. As the day went by and probably 50 or 60 Bonds of varying ages cavorted on the lawn, and up the tree, and around the house etc, the squirrels took cover and I could hear them chattering up in the tree.-----It was a day or two later that I realized that they weren't around any more and I thought the problem was solved, but gradually they started back. My new gun was just the ticket though, so I persisted in firing at one squirrel after another. Then a couple of days ago I sprayed a persistent squirrel half a dozen times and he finally took off, but.....oh no!! he headed right across the road and narrowly escaped getting hit by a car..-----I think the squirrels have finally won. I don't want them to be road kill.


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By Susan W. Smith, Editor

[Special thanks to our editors and proof readers this month:  Bill Stallan, David Ray, Jane Taylor and Georgia Barker.]


6. Slide show:  Chris Piering inadvertently scared up a colony of Common Terns – the results we happily share with TI Life readers. 


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Comment by: Peggy
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Absolutely beautiful pictures!
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Can anyone provide me with Matt Hargreaves' contact info?
I'd very much like to talk with him about his past involvement with Tangerine Dream.
Thanks so much!