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TI Life in July 2015…

No complaints in July 2015…  High water, wonderful temperatures, dozens of River events, family gatherings and just plain fun!  Lots to keep you reading this month.  Be sure to download your favourites – print them out and take them down to the dock. 

Nature:  Lynn McElfresh gives a warning:  if you are afraid of snakes, do not read Slithering Rock

History:  Mary Politis spent last year trying to discover The Edgar Cayce’s 1000 Islands Link and Dr. John Carter gives us one more in his series: Patriot Chronicles: Mackenzie’s Letter to Bill Johnston

(Appropriate for the upcoming Pirate Days.)

Photography: Our thanks to Paul Holland’s Lesson in Marine Photography.

Special happenings:  Heather Chitty introduces The Puzzle of Agnes Maule Machar, as the Canadian Government designates this lady as a person of national interest; Trish Buote tells the story of Two Remarkable Donations to  the Aquatarium;  Anne (Blu) Mackintosh presents TIARA’s 40th Birthday Party! and I provide three suggestions for Summer fun for kids…

We also present two articles featuring the Poets & Writers, INK with: “Boating Adventures in the 1000 Islands” by Camille Crandall and “Summer Magic” by Robert Neulieb.

Trish Buote - Two remarkable donations to Aquatarium

Trish Buote is the director of development at Brockville’s new Aquatarium.  She brings over twenty years’ experience in the management of For Profit  and Not-for Profit organizations, including Sick Kids Foundation in Toronto and the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.  Now well-known in the region, Trish also works with the RiverQuest organization to promote all the region has to offer.
Mary Politis - The Edgar Cayce’s 1000 Islands Link

Mary Politis and her husband and son have a home in Syracuse, NY. and spend the summer in Carnegie Bay, near Alexandria Bay. Mary has been a “TI Life” reader for several years and is always on the lookout for unique topics and individuals to interview. Her discovery of Edgar Cayce has taken her on a most interesting quest.
Paul Holland - Paul Holland’s Lesson in Marine Photography

Paul Holland is  a relatively new fine art photographer to the Thousand Islands.  He developed his love for photography while studying architecture at Carleton University.  Somehow that led to a career in policing, although he was still able to run an AV Production company that served the corporate and government sectors.  Paul and his wife, Janet, can often be found on the River with Paul behind his camera.

Anne (Blu) Mackintosh - TIARA’s 40th Birthday Party!

Blu Mackintosh (Anne) was born and brought up in Montreal.  In 1962, she and her Scottish husband Douglas came to the Ivy Lea area and there they raised their three sons who often come back to visit with their families.  A founding member of the Thousand Islands Area Residents Association (TIARA), Blu provided the first compilation of Canadian Islands Names, in a series of maps produced in the 1980s.  She continues to be interested in the environment and the arts in general, and TIARA and the Thousand Islands Playhouse in particular.  

Poet & Writes INK Contributors

Sponsored by the Cape Vincent Arts Council, the Poet & Writers INK, meets throughout the year to encourage the fine art of writing through original works, literary feedback, and writing exercises.  Membership is free.  Those of all ages, all genre and all skill levels are encouraged to attend.  This month “TI Life” presents two writers and their works.  [For more Information contact:]

Camille Crandall Poets & Writers INK: “Boating Adventures in the 1000 Islands

Camille Crandall resides in Cape Vincent and is originally from the Schenectady, NY area.  She was employed as Benefits Coordinator for many years and currently works part time from home as an administrator for a CPA firm in East Greenbush, NY.  Her enjoyment of writing has brought her to the Poets & Writers INK group, and she has had several pieces published in the “Thousand Islands Sun” and “What's Happening in Cape Vincent.” -

Robert Neulieb - Poets & Writers, INK: “Summer Magic”

Robert Loren Neulieb received a Ph.D. in Engineering Sciences, a mathematical physics discipline, from Purdue University. While he has taught both mathematics and physics at the college level, he has worked mainly as an aerospace and railway engineer. Since 1979 he has lived, off the grid, in northern New York, using solar panels, a composting toilet and dead or diseased wood for heating. His popular published articles concern earth-sun interaction and Lepidoptera. Robert’s wife Marilyn helps organize the Poets & Writers, INK activities from June through August this year.


$7.7 Million for Thousand Islands National Park…

An  announcement was made on July 6 by Gord Brown, Member of Parliament for Leeds—Grenville, on behalf of the Honourable Leona Aglukkaq, Minister of the Environment and Minister responsible for Parks Canada, that infrastructure investments totaling $7.7 million,  will be made  in our Thousand Islands National Park.  This major investment involves significant work, improving the day use areas and visitor facilities while demonstrating Parks Canada’s world leadership in conservation. 

The projected work will enable the Park to become more accessible to the 11 million urban Canadians living within a 4-hour drive. Until now, travellers, who don’t own a boat, have limited access to the Park, therefore the funding should facilitate visits from non-boaters, both on land and to the islands.

Gord Brown MMP

Major funding boost coming to Thousand Islands National Park, Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV []

CKWS Newswatch, July 06, 2015 06:06 pm – See


Saturdays in July …



On Saturday, July 18th, 2015, starting at 8:30am the Thousand Islands Association (TIA)  will hold their famous annual shore breakfast and annual general meeting at the Thousand Islands Playhouse, in Gananoque. Here are a few pictures from that fun event in previous years.  Tell your friends and neighbours to attend the breakfast!  (The best breakfast of the season!)  TIA provides and places shoal markers, nearly 200 of them, starting mid-way on the Bateau Channel, north of Howe Island, all the way down river to Brockville/ Morristown, on most boating channels. All expenses for the shoal marking program are covered by dues and donations – so if your propeller is important to you – Join TIA! (



The Thousand Island Watershed Land Trust ( and American Friends of Canadian Land Trusts ( will present an equation day on Saturday, July 25th, on Hen Island, in Charleston Lake, north of Ivy Lea and Lansdowne, ON.  “Learn WHAT EVERY AMERICAN PROPERTY OWNER (in Canada) needs to know about tax law, estate planning and the opportunity of donating ecological lands, cash or securities to support conservation in Canada.  Short presentations by Sandra Tassel, American Friends of Canadian Land Trusts (AFoCLT), Lynne Zulian, CPA and CA with Grant Thornton LLP, an estate planning specialist, will provide important information.  For more information see the

The Remington:

Also on Saturday, July 25th, 2015, The Frederic Remington Art Museum will be hosting a charity antique ​appraisal​  fair, from 12 PM until 4 PM.  Do you have an old ​ treasure​ that you've always wondered about? Here's your chance. ​​ ​Gerald Petro and staff from Iroquois Auctions ​will provide a verbal appraisal for $5 per item. All proceeds benefit the museum. ​In addition, for $200, Gerald Petro will give a walk-through verbal appraisal in a home, with all proceeds to benefit the museum. When selling high value items, people are asked to call, (315) 561-9777 for consultation. Petro has worked as an appraiser for 41 years. For additional information, contact the museum at (315 ) 393-2425 or email



Cormorant Question

Brian Matthey is trying to determine how widespread  damage  may be in the Thousand Islands, due to Cormorants. He says, “Contrast a sunrise on the river to islands dying.” “How many people have roosting Cormorant's in their area that are killing trees and displacing other bird species?”  He also suggests that the Cormorants are depleting the baitfish populations.  He sent along a photograph of such an island near his cottage. 

Please Don’t Forget

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By Susan W. Smith, Editor

[Special thanks to our editors and proof readers this month:  Bill Stallan, and  Jane Taylor.]
  • Dennis McCarthy captures Bluff Island July 2015. See Thousand Islands River Views FB Pg.

    Dennis McCarthy captures Bluff Island July 2015. See Thousand Islands River Views FB Pg.

  • Harry Blank suggest we write a caption...

    Harry Blank suggest we write a caption...

  • Katie Cunningham captures son Daniel this summer

    Katie Cunningham captures son Daniel this summer

  • And son Matthew Cunningham

    And son Matthew Cunningham

  • And their good friend Eliot Staples

    And their good friend Eliot Staples

  • Patti Linder finds a beautiful swan in Goose Bay, Patti she suggests they rename the bay...

    Patti Linder finds a beautiful swan in Goose Bay, Patti she suggests they rename the bay...

  • Riverview Photography by Tim Kocher on July 6 2015

    Riverview Photography by Tim Kocher on July 6 2015

  • Scott Stren at Friendly Island on July 1

    Scott Stren at Friendly Island on July 1


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Sharon Grigsby
Comment by: Sharon Grigsby
Left at: 9:31 AM Wednesday, July 15, 2015
YES!! to cormorant problem. The are everywhere, roosting in and killing trees. They are an invasive nuisance.
Brian Matthey
Comment by: Brian Matthey
Left at: 11:56 AM Wednesday, July 15, 2015
I am thinking of collecting as many photographs as possible from both sides of the border identifying the cormorant problem and then sending these images to the Ministries involved on the Canadian side.The cormorant problem has long been discussed but pictures paint a thousand words of the ecological disaster that is already happening in the 1000 islands and elsewhere.I am asking boaters and cottages to take pictures and try and identify the area where they originate so we can point to the spread that is happening and will continue to happen without a controlled solution.

Peter Glazier
Comment by: Peter Glazier
Left at: 7:26 PM Monday, July 20, 2015
We live opposite Jackstraw Light and needless to say, there are more cormorants than ever. They are hunting in large flocks [200+] this year and I have little confidence our Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources will do anything to cull this menace.
If anybody is skeptical of the damage these birds can do...McNair Island below Blockhouse Island at Brockville used to have mature pine and oak trees on it .. now it is rocks and sticks.
Brian Matthey
Comment by: Brian Matthey
Left at: 9:16 PM Monday, July 20, 2015
Thanks Peter-may I repost this on other 1000 Island sights that I am involved with?if you ever have an opportunity to snap a picture of the island,it would speak volumes-thanks
Peter Glazier
Comment by: Peter Glazier
Left at: 8:16 AM Tuesday, July 21, 2015
April 30, 2008 16:01 ET

O.F.A.H. Applauds dismissal of injunction application to prevent Middle Island cull
Attention: Assignment Editor, Environment Editor, News Editor, Sports Editor, Government/Political Affairs Editor ONTARIO- ONTARIO FEDERATION OF ANGLERS AND HUNTERS--(Marketwire - April 30, 2008) - A federal court decision denying a request for an injunction to halt the proposed cull of cormorants on Middle Island in Lake Erie south of Pelee Island will allow Parks Canada to proceed with controls to reduce the negative impact of cormorants on the local ecosystem. The cull, which had been challenged by some animal rights activists, is part of a carefully developed and scientifically sound management plan by Parks Canada to address the overpopulation of cormorants on Middle Island.
"The ecosystems of the Great Lakes and inland lakes cannot continue to sustain the damage that has been created by a decade of cormorant population growth that has been allowed to go unchecked," said Dr. Terry Quinney, O.F.A.H. Provincial Manager of Fish & Wildlife. "Parks Canada, both through evidence presented in court and through an environmental assessment, has clearly demonstrated that unless there is both a short and longer term decrease in the cormorant population on Middle Island, the ecological integrity of the Carolinian ecosystem is threatened and may be lost completely over the next decade."
Cormorant populations have exploded in many areas of Ontario, including the Great Lakes, and inland lakes like Simcoe, Couchiching, Rice and Opeongo Lake in Algonquin Park. Concerns around the cormorant overpopulation are based on both their habits and consumption of fish species. Cormorants consume vast quantities of smaller bait fish and immature fish species and their guano (droppings) are highly toxic, resulting in the destruction of nearby vegetation and nesting areas for other birds.
"Despite what some animal rights organizations suggest, this has nothing to do with the eradication of a species, and everything to do with the careful and scientific control of one species whose population is out of sync with the surrounding area and negatively impacting upon other species. There is compelling science to support the use of a managed cull as part of a management strategy," said Dr. Quinney.
In ruling against the application for an injunction, the court found that Parks Canada had presented strong evidence to suggest that real harm to ecosystem of Middle Island would occur if the cull did not proceed by the end of April. Parks Canada argued that if immediate action is not taken to reduce the number of cormorants, the island's unique ecosystem could be damaged beyond the point of recovery. Parks officials also noted that if they allowed this to happen, the service would be guilty of not living up to its mandate to maintain ecological integrity under the Canada National Parks Act.
While the move to control the cormorant population on Middle Island is seen as a positive step, the O.F.A.H. is concerned over the lack of action in other areas of the province under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Natural Resources (M.N.R.). The province's decision to halt the cull of cormorants at Presqu'ile Provincial Park because of pressure from animal rights groups, and the lack of a coherent cormorant management strategy flies in the face of the M.N.R.'s responsibility and stated commitment to the conservation of biodiversity. The province has also recently come under fire from bordering U.S. states who have introduced cormorant controls that are threatened by Ontario's inaction.
Brian Matthey
Comment by: Brian Matthey
Left at: 7:31 PM Wednesday, July 22, 2015
Peter-thanks for this.This was 2008!!

Seven years later and the situation gets exponentially worse every day with no attention in this area whatsoever.This ecological disaster will only be recognized when the cormorants have effectively fished out areas of the river and successfully moved whole bird populations out of the area.

We need everyone to put as much pressure on our elected officails as possible.Tourism is at risk in the 1000 islands if this continues.
Peter Glazier
Comment by: Peter Glazier
Left at: 2:44 PM Saturday, July 25, 2015
Hi Brian..I think by your photo that you're near Island 82, in front of Ivy Lea. It will be dead soon. Now,they are starting to roost on the foot of Ash. Since the spring, they have taken over 3 ancient pine trees. It doesn't look good. Let me know if I can help.