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TI Life Happenings September 2015

End of the Summer –  Heat, rain, cold… but somehow these River days can be the best.


A full issue this month with:


New Contributors

Ken W. White - Labor Day Weekend, Boats Burn at Peck’s Marina

Ken W. White grew up in Watertown and currently lives in Ithaca, NY during the “Winter-5”, spending much of the “Summer-7” on Hambly Island in the Navy Group. He is a board member of the 81 year old 1000 Islands Association, best known for placing 200+ markers on rocks and shoals from Wolfe Island to Brockville.

Ken is also an Electrical Engineering graduate of Cornell University with a BS and Masters in controls. He holds patents in imaging, machine vision, and combustion of powdered biomass. Photography is an avocation, the River his favorite scene.

Raymond Kowalski - Thousand Island Park: How Much Like Chautauqua? 

Ray Kowalski is a native of Rochester, New York.  He has a law degree from the George Washington University in Washington, DC.   He spent his entire career in Washington as a communications lawyer, first with the Federal Communications Commission and then in private practice.  He is now retired and lives in Gainesville, Virginia with his wife, Jean Ann.  They have three children and five grandchildren.  The Kowalskis have owned a cottage in Thousand Island Park since 2006. (Seated beside Ray is Cheney.)
Doreen MeeksFrom Memory to Modern Day. by Doreen Meeks

Doreen Meeks was born and raised on Grindstone Island in the Thousand Islands and has lived on the River her entire life. From an early age, she has been active in the River communities, contributing much; she is considered the "Volunteer of the Century!” She shares her enthusiasm and love for the River with everyone including her great grandchildren. Her smile is contagious and her wit unmatched. Her energy is coveted by all that know her along with the five gardens she maintains each year.

2015 Summer Happenings…

Sunrise in Wanderers Channel – by Peter VanSickle.  “Some things are worth getting up early to be part of – last Thursday, in the 1,000 Islands was one of those things.”

Story telling on Murray Isle

A summer full of events…  here is a special one from Judy and Bill Munro:

The Story Telling morning on Oak Point, Murray Isle on Saturday, August 15th was a big hit with adults and kids.  Lynn Morgan, from Carthage,, dressed in her "Let Me Tell You A Story" tie-dyed shirt, happily entertained all - with six stories, many involving props and responses, actions, words from the kids (and big kids too!) for an hour. The story of the "Wide Mouthed Frog" is pictured.... It was a first on Murray Isle and surely not the last!


The Big Guys Won


Jim Munroe, Lake Fleet resident, reported that each year they have an “Island Classic,”, and last year the “kids killed us.”  “This year we brought home this one! The trophy is  a piece of drift wood,  We used a wood burner to put (island classic) on it.  The winner gets the trophy for the year.”


Jim like others, did a catch and release, and we think this was an excellent year.  Do you have a catch photograph?  If so send them to us!


Fund Raising Campaign:  TIERS

Case Study

“What if I hadn’t woken up?  And my heart remained still?  And that was the end of me?  What if …?  What if Thousand Islands Emergency Rescue hadn’t come for me… ?   Fred Schmitt, Clayton

Yes, this is the beginning of the Thousand Islands Emergency Rescue Capital Campaign announcement.  Many Islanders and mainland residents are stepping forward to assist TIERS as they seek $1,300,000 to ensure the continued emergency care available to the Towns of Clayton and Orleans.  Last year, September, 2014, we paid tribute to TIERS when a visitor to Grindstone Island,  needed their help -  Testimonial: Saving a Life – says it all.



Danger Floating

Doug McLellan reports:  Peter Meyer of Tremont Island discovered 60-plus feet of 8x8 cribbing floating half submerged under the Gananoque swing bridge.

He missed hitting it but rather than leave it for the next unsuspecting boater to lose a lower unit on, he towed it back up river and with help of Josh from nearby Brennan Marine, pulled it up on shore and out of boater’s ways.

Over 60 feet, encrusted with zebra mussels and with large iron bolts protruding it was  a disaster waiting to happen. I think every grateful boater should go by Peter’s Limestone and toss him a refreshing beer or coke … so he can keep up the admirable work!

Tad Clark’s latest excursion – Remington Museum

Our thanks to Tad Clark for sharing an excursion to the Remington Museum in Ogdensburg... A perfect day trip to a lovely little town. Read more under the Tab Excursions .

Photographs:  Send you best to and stay tuned as we will lunch our 2015 Photo Contest in November. 

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By Susan W. Smith, Editor

[Special thanks to our editors and proof readers this month:  Rick Taylor and Jane Taylor (Not related… but they are both terrific as they correct my errors…)  and Bill Stallan, who left on a holiday at the beginning of September, but will be back and in October!]
  • Nora Detlor from Ash Island captures this special happening...

    Nora Detlor from Ash Island captures this special happening...

  • Jeff McIlrath also sent this early August evening.

    Jeff McIlrath also sent this early August evening.

  • Tim Kocher Cedar Island Sunset over Dark Island. — at Cedar Island State Park..

    Tim Kocher Cedar Island Sunset over Dark Island. — at Cedar Island State Park..

  • Dennis McCarthy shared these on Thousand Islands River views FB page.  Kevin Allen visiting from Ohio says the fishing is

    Dennis McCarthy shared these on Thousand Islands River views FB page. Kevin Allen visiting from Ohio says the fishing is" Better in the 1000 Islands"! September 4, 2015. Off Rock Island Lighthouse.


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Wendy Charboneau
Comment by: Wendy Charboneau
Left at: 8:27 AM Monday, September 21, 2015
I was born and raised on the St. Lawrence River and shared the love of the river thanks to my Dad, Joseph Raymond Brennan. My Dad absolutely loved the river and lived on the river most of his 97 year on this earth. We lived at Gray Stone Apartments and had the wonderful view of the river and the Bay St. dock in Gananoque from the time I was born until I was 14 and then we spent our days at "Perch Island" (just off the 1000 Is. Parkway near Chisamore's Point) from approx. May until Oct., weather permitting and also out on the 40 Acres at my Dad's Island "Black Ant Island" so my family and I have many fond memories of the St. Lawrence River and I am so happy to see these posts. I will try to look up pictures that I have from years gone by of the lovely St. Lawrence River and the picturesque 1000 Islands. I feel we are truly, truly blessed to live so close to this magical place. I tried once to move away but the GOOD OLD ST. LAWRENCE RIVER is just in my blood. Good luck to you in your new endeavors with the Aquatarium in Brockville.