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TI Life Happenings in May ‘17

It is easy to find headlines everyday describing the problems of high water on the St. Lawrence River.  But in addition to the loss of property and damage to docks and boathouses, is the loss of income for our Island economy.  steve Sturtz final motherinlaw

Boldt Castle has a late opening; tour boats are reducing excursions; and several gas docks are closed until further notice.  There is also a grave concern for the next two weeks, as there will be more erosion with wind and waves.  Please stay safe – turn off the dock and boathouse power and watch for floating debris.

This Issue

Lynn McElfresh starts us off with May, 2017 Staying Warm and Doug Tulloch shares a series of photographs in High Water 2017, Property, Belongings and the Economy.

Spring friendsJack Woodward  provides an important Update: Horse Creek Wind Project.

Elizabeth Farrar takes us  Sheep Shearing On Amherst Island (Now that is an excursion we all have to take.)

John Reisinger presents a true story in When the Road to Germany ran through the Thousand Islands – one you will not want to miss.

Nancy Bond remembers the good old days in Aubrey’s Thousand Island Bowling Center. (Do you have memories of Aubrey’s – if so, tell us about them) grandmother Marcello

Elaine Vedette Tack introduces Jody and  Doreen Garrett in “Spirit of the River in Every Bottle.”

Misty Yarnell, a member of Cape Vincent’s  Poet,Writers, INK, shares her Oh Old Barn.

Dan LeKander provides his TI Life Puzzle for May 2017 ! – Yes, 25 Sudoku puzzles…Thanks Dan, you are terrific!

I have the honor of presenting the story of the 8th Annual KeithFest, a fund raising music and family festival to support scholarships in the name of the late Keith Brabant. 

And, this month I had the unique task of reading and then reviewing  Wooden Boats of the St. Lawrence River, where I write, buy it, read it, write about it and keep in on your book shelf – great book. 

 New contributors

Jack Woodward Jack Woodward - Update: Horse Creek Wind Project
Watertown native Jack Woodward is a retired USAF Lt. General and Senior Executive with Accenture Federal Services. He is a permanent resident of Wellesley Island (channel side) and a strong supporter of preserving the St Lawrence River environment.
Misty 2 Misty Yarnall - Oh Old Barn, by Misty Yarnall

Misty Yarnall is a creative writer from Chaumont, New York. She primarily enjoys writing dystopian fiction, but has won 14 awards for her poems and flash fiction. She is a new member of the Poets, Writers, INK in Cape Vincent.
Eliz Farrar Elizabeth Farrar - Sheep Shearing On Amherst Island

After retiring from teaching elementary school for 33 years, Elizabeth is retrained as an artist blacksmith at Sir Sanford Fleming College at the Haliburton. ON, campus. To this day, she continues to draw from the model in various drawing groups. Photography, collecting marbles, decoy carving, and writing study guides on various subjects, has kept her busy through the years. As a facilitator for a Kingston writing group, Elizabeth enjoys writing in any genre, which includes ghost writing several books, one of which may become a movie.

Photograph by Roger Monahan

2017 Ticks

The Tick season has started, thus we are giving a pointer to Paul Hetzler’s November TI Life article in 2016. 

Paul is a Horticulture and Natural Resources Educator at Cornell Cooperative Extension, in Canton, NY.  When the article was first published we received good and thought provoking comments. 

Already this spring, our family, like others,  have found ticks on the dogs and humans - so be and get prepared.

Ticked off
November 2016 TI Life Article by Paul Hetzler.


We applaud when tributes are made to our Thousand Islanders.  Here are just a few.

Citizen of the year

Alexandria Bay will honor their winners in June. All winners are recognized, but TI Life sends one more shout-out to our contributor, Doug Tulloch and his Elves!  Bet they are already planning their 2017 journey from the North Pole.
Dick Munro

Bluff Island’s Dick Munro not only works for his Florida community, but he is and has been contributing with the three Ws  (Work, Wealth and Wisdom) throughout the North Country. and Video

Kim’s Island Life

Each May we look forward to the publication of Kim Lunman’s “Island Life” print magazine.  It’s scheduled for distribution as inserts in the weekly “St. Lawrence News” in eastern Ontario before the Victoria Day weekend (May 20-22) and the weekly “Thousand Islands Sun” before Memorial Day weekend in New York. (May 27-29)  A favorite for all Islanders, Island Life 2017you will not be disappointed.

The cover photo for this year’s edition was taken by Kim Lunman while flying over the Admiralty Group near Gananoque last summer. 

The Canallers Go to War

Speaking Series, May 18th, 2017  - Friends of the Prescott Library invite you to attend a presentation by Walter Lewis, a graduate of Queen’s University and the University of Toronto. He is a well-known systems librarian and is the developer of the Maritime History of the Great Lakes website. Canalers go to warh He will talk about the Lakers and Canallers that went to sea during the first World War, taking on a variety of roles in the war effort. One of them even sank a U-Boat. By the end of the war so desperate were the Allies for ships that larger Lakers were being cut in half and towed down the river in pieces to be re-assembled in Montreal before putting to sea.   

7:00 p.m. Thursday May 18th, 2017 in St. Andrew's Church at Centre and Dibble Streets, Prescott. Admission is free. Donations are welcome. All proceeds go the Prescott Public Library.Tour 2 2017

All Along the River

Join us for the 6th Annual Artists’ Studio Tour. Saturday, May 27, 2017 - Sunday, May 28, 2017. 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

To see the creative process first hand, watch for the artists signs along the way to guide you from Cape Vincent to Alexandria Bay with a studio on Wellesley Island.

An opportunity to chat with the artists and enjoy the creativity that thrives in the North Country. The brochure featuring a self-guided map for the studio tour is available at each Artists Studio Tour stop along the route as marked by signage or by calling (315) 777-3385.  This event is free and open to the public.

Please Don’t Forget

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Now summer is almost here, please take your camera out on the River and capture River life for the June issue. Send them to

And, this Editor is looking forward to receiving new submissions throughout the year. I bet our readers are too!

Special thanks to proof reader Rick Taylor and Georgia Barker and  David Ray.  I especially thank Mike Cox who is the magician behind the website. What a team …

By Susan W. Smith, Editor,

  • Doug Tulloch shares his photographs of the 2017 flood.

    Doug Tulloch shares his photographs of the 2017 flood.

  • Dennis McCarthy's photo shows it is that time of year again.

    Dennis McCarthy's photo shows it is that time of year again.

  • Dough Tulloch's photograph for spring

    Dough Tulloch's photograph for spring

  • Nora Detlor, Ash Island need boots...

    Nora Detlor, Ash Island need boots...

  • Water rising. Photo shared by Nora Detlor

    Water rising. Photo shared by Nora Detlor

  • Doug Tulloch caught this, while Mike Corrigan suggests it is Abbey Lane all over again...

    Doug Tulloch caught this, while Mike Corrigan suggests it is Abbey Lane all over again...

  • John Street suggests his swim ladder and dock cleat are new shoal markers!

    John Street suggests his swim ladder and dock cleat are new shoal markers!


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Steve Glazer
Comment by: Steve Glazer
Left at: 5:43 PM Monday, May 15, 2017
Human-induced climate change is very real and an existential threat, according to virtually every credible scientific organization throughout the world expressing an opinion on the subject, including the non-partisan and prestigious National Academy of Sciences and the American Association for the Advancement of Science, as well as US governmental organizations NASA, NOAA and the EPA. Sea-level rise is only one manifestation of the problem.

And for those on the Canadian side, here is what your government says:

"The scientific evidence is clear: climate change is one of the greatest threats of our time. From increased incidences of droughts, to coastal flooding, to the expanding melt of sea ice in our Arctic, the widespread impacts of climate change compel Canada to take strong action now. . . . .
The build-up of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has led to an enhancement of the natural greenhouse effect. It is this human-induced enhancement of the greenhouse effect that is of concern because ongoing emissions of greenhouse gases have the potential to warm the planet to levels that have never been experienced in the history of human civilization. Such climate change could have far-reaching and/or unpredictable environmental, social, and economic consequences."
Bud Andress
Comment by: Bud Andress
Left at: 5:31 AM Tuesday, May 16, 2017
Susie, An unfortunate memory I have of the high water of 1973 is how heated things got between boaters and their wakes, and property owners and their shorelines/docks/boathouses/cottages/etc. Knowing big wind events are going to be damaging enough, I hope boaters do all they can to control their wakes when in close proximity to property. It's going to take a lot of effort and etiquette.
Bud Andress
Hill Island