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Hotel Guest Registry: Fill in the Blanks

Rex Ennis, local historian and author of Toujours Jeune Always Young: Thousand Islands, Emery and The New Frontenac Hotel, is continuing his research.  He supplied TI Life with research “Gold”, research “questions: and a “special invitation”. 

The attached spread sheet is a compilation of Hotel guests and the dates of their stay at the Frontenac Hotel on Round Island century ago. 

 “Stephen Sondheim's grandfather Samuel was there frequently for many years, he was an avid fisherman! He was a guest at the Frontenac before Charles Emery bought it.” states Rex.  “Also Thomas A. Edison arrived in an ‘experimental electric car’ in September 1910.”

He goes on to say, “The Hotel burned on the night of August 23/24, 1911. The Thousand Islands Museum in Clayton is planning a reception for the restored flag at the Clayton Opera House on the evening of 24 August 2011!"  Please mark this on your calendar and plan to attend.  It will be another historic night in the Thousand Islands.”

Frontenac Hotel Guest Registry

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Frontenac Hotel Registry A-L compiled by Rexford Ennis, 2011

Frontenac Hotel Registry L-X compiled  Rexford Ennis, 2011

Research Questions

Can you supply photographs of those families on the list whose descendants are still around the River?  Can you provide any genealogy or bibliographical information?    If so, please let Rex know:  Rex Ennis.

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