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TI Life in January ‘13

This is one of our most ambitious issues…  13 articles… over 130 photographs, special videos including one created on YouTube for TI Life.   history, excursions, a  book review…  and much more…

Our thanks to three historians: Patty Mondore’s Frederick G. Bourne and & "The Things That Matter Most" ; May Irwin’s Home Cooking by Karen Killian and Lynn McElfresh reviews the Grenell Island Chapel in The Bell Rings Twice…

Robert Matthews teams up with voice-over artist, Jan Eliot to create 1000 Islands 130 Years Ago. The author says, “There are times in one’s life when the stars seem to be in alignment and maybe this to be one of those times. It is quite simple. I have the material, Jan Eliot has the voice and TI Life can be the messenger.)

Grindstone’s Rex Ennis brings his version of the first-class travel in Excursion to England, 2012; Dave Whitford provides a unique DYI project in Restoring an Outboard Engine . Also, we welcome Tim Kocher with his version of 1000 Islands living in Well Worth the Wait…

Lynn McElfresh may be a skeptic, but I know you will like MUSKIES---Believe it or Not.

Michael Folsom reviews the Seaway 2012 in Red Hot Start Leads to Positive Seaway Season.

Mark Russell presents Book Review: The Middle of Everywhere by Ray Petersen and Dr. Richard Withington tells of a Winter’s update from Round Island .

And I have the great privilege to introduce special videos in RiverQuest Discovered.

New Contributors

Karen Killian - May Irwin’s Home Cooking

Karen Killian began work as a school teacher and was, for many years, the manager of Captain Spicer’s Gift Shop. No longer spending as much time in the region, Karen has not lost her passion for collecting all things May Irwin.  Over the years she has generously shared her treasurers with her customers and those of us who appreciate our history.

Some my recognize Karen’s avatar, entitled, Gallery Gal, designed specially for Karen by the late Norma I. Sydnor, head artist at Louisville Stoneware Co. who worked with Karen to design unique Thousand Islands tableware.
Tim Kocher - Well Worth the Wait…

Tim Kocher and his wife, Pam, are enthusiastic mariners from N Syracuse, NY. He has worked in the transportation industry for 32 years. He has also held positions as president and fire chief for his local fire department which he was a member for 20 years. He is currently enrolled at Syracuse University working on bachelors degree in Information Management.  They spend their summers on their boat at Keewaydin State Park where Tim captures memories on his camera under the name Riverview Photography and can be found at

Jan Eliot – 1000 Islands 130 Years Ago

Jan Eliot works full-time during winter months as an in-studio & on-mountain radio ski reporter for You can hear her voice on over 50 radio stations from New York to California! Jan started out being a producer for commercial editors in the post production world and realized she loved doing commercial voice overs. Today she has voiced countless e-learning modules, tutorials, Telephone Recording Messages as well as creating bumpers for podcasts and radio shows through jan eliot voice talent. Jan spends summer vacations in the Admiralty Islands.

Special River Gifts – Thanks to Bill Stevenson

Ever wonder what was here before? Bill Stevenson, a Kingston realtor with Royal Lepage, decided to show us with a series of facebook pages.

Bill, who also owns the Jungle Shop on Princess Street in Kingston, began sharing his passion for “pop culture” by creating a Vintage Toronto Facebook . Today there are more than 38,000 Likes for more than 20,000 posted photographs.

His next venture was Vintage Kingston with 4,500+ Likes and in December he launched two more: VIntage Gananoque & the 1000 Islands and Vintage Brockville and Prescott.

“I try to post four new photographs a day on each site”, he says. “They range from postcards, photographs and memorabilia. “I  also have a large matchbook collection, and often long forgotten places can be shared with appreciative viewers”.

This winter’s project is to create websites for each of his Vintage Facebook pages, thus allowing readers to use search engines to find particular sites.  One can then search Princess Street and all photographs along that street will be accessible.

“One of the best parts of the postings are the comments”, he says with enthusiasm. “I am hoping that those in the Thousand Islands region will share their material with us.”   “Readers can send material to me at”

Vintage Kingston

Vintage Gananoque & the 1000 Islands

Vintage Brockville & Prescott

Destination Clayton

A Facebook Page and Website provides a NEW community gathering place for Clayton news, events and discussion.  Their mission states: “We are Clayton Associates, a group of local residents who love Clayton.  We want our community to continue to prosper and grow, in the same positive directions.”  Be sure to check both FB and the Site – Images by Ian Coristine, Chris Murray and Joe Meirose enhance the site.

Destination Clayton Website Destination Clayton Facebook

Readers Exchange

We received many comments for December 2012 articles.  Here are a few.

Comment by: Martin Zonnenberg  on
Left at: 6:48 PM Wednesday, December 12, 2012 Dear People of the United States of America and Canada…

What a fantastic article Dick! And, Captain Danser's letter comes out of his heart, I know, because Ineke and I are also from the same generation, we all feel so very, very thankful to all Americans and Canadians for having liberated all Western European countries at that terrible moment in history! And last but certainly not least we are also so very thankful for having being able to rebuild the completely ruined European economies through the gift of that great American Marshall Plan!
Thanks for sharing that magnificent and very special 'Thank You' letter from Captain Hank Danser on board that beautiful ship, the Marietje Deborah, named after his wife Rita. We will be on the 'lookout' for his next transit through the 1000 Islands.

Martin and Ineke Zonnenberg

Comment by: William J. Elliott
Left at: 2:44 PM Saturday, December 15, 2012  Season’s Greetings– Photo Contest

These are some of the best photos I have seen of our great river. It shows that the St. Lawrence is a home to many. Thanks.

Comment by: Ada May & Bob Fearon ( Naples, Florida )
Left at: 9:53 PM Sunday, January 13, 2013 Living the dream: the story of Cross-Island Farms

Dear Dani & Dave, Wev'e enjoyed learning more about you and Cross-Island Farm from our next door neighbor Melinda Stubbee's fine written article in Thousand Island Life, along with David's Malettte's excellent pictures. As a Farmer's daughter growing up on a dairy farm --I truly appreciate your passion and hard work that farming requires. We have enjoyed your fresh produce and knowing you at Fine View Methodist Church. Our very best wishes for your continued success! Happy 2013.--Ada May and Bob Fearon. See you next Summer!!



Comment by: Mark Reynolds ( Watertown NY )
Left at: 11:02 PM Saturday, December 22, 2012  Photo Tribute to the Cape Vincent Seaway Pilots


I drove for a cab company in Watertown and we used to pick up the pilots at Cape Vincent and at the Welland Canal end , and drive them to the station at the cape or to their homes . Many interesting and scary stories from these very brave and capable seamen . It was my honor and priveledge to get to know a few of them.

Comment by: Stan Ren ( Rochester,NY )
Left at: 11:37 PM Monday, December 17, 2012 TI Life in December 2012

Susan, I don't know how you do it. Not only getting all the articles for each month's news letter while maintaining the quality of what is published has to not only keep you busy all the time but has to be a little stressful at times. I keep expecting there to be a let down in one issue but each has something that seems better then the last issue. I remember while being assistant sports editor for Alfred University's school paper was such a challenge on getting acceptable news articles in on time but also playing football and being House Manger of a fraternity house to help pay for my education didn't help either. I have stopped writing comments only because I would be spending a lot of my time doing so and find myself taking for granted the high level of your publication. You have to have considerable pride in knowing that you are doing an outstanding job in generating awareness of the TI area. In closing I want to wish you a very Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year. Stan Ren

My Response

Comment by: Susie Smith, Editor, TI Life
Left at: 1:54 AM Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Stan and all the others who have sent kind messages. I can do TI Life because of all of you - those who love the region and take such good care of it. Each time I receive a photograph, note or submission for an article - I realize just how many, like me, want to share our stories. Together we all make TI Life what it is and will continue to be.

1000+ Facebook “Likes”

We celebrated our 1000th “like” on Facebook this month.  Bari Bryant, well known for her work with the Clayton Opera House, was our 1000 Winner.   FACEBOOKBe sure to check our page throughout the month,  as readers post information and photographs .

  • Follow us on Twittertwitter 2.  Send us your tweet tag and we will start to follow you.
  • Do you write about the River (next to, from above, or below), then consider submitting an article.


Thanks to our photographers who show Snow Birds how Winter 2013 has started…

And I close on a personal note. We in the Admiralty Islands lost a dear friend and island champion when Kathleen Anne Ross (Keyes) died suddenly in December. Kathy spent every summer on Hay Island and participated in so many lives. She was principal of St. Peter's Secondary School in Peterborough, ON and will be missed by many. Our condolences to Graeme, David and Sarah. 

By Susan W. Smith,

Special thanks to our editors David Ray, Georgia Barker and Jane Taylor.  We also thank those who leave comments on our articles or ask questions. The more the better.
  • Ready for spring... by Sarah Ellen Smith

    Ready for spring... by Sarah Ellen Smith

  • Swan on the ice near the US Span by James R. Miller

    Swan on the ice near the US Span by James R. Miller

  • Keewaydin January 1, 2013 by Janet Sullins

    Keewaydin January 1, 2013 by Janet Sullins

  • The cut between Wellesley and Murray Isle by Melissa Rosenberger

    The cut between Wellesley and Murray Isle by Melissa Rosenberger

  • Winter birds by Dennis McCarthy

    Winter birds by Dennis McCarthy

  • Janet Sullins captures Pheasants on film.

    Janet Sullins captures Pheasants on film.

  • Home Again Farm by Janet Sullins

    Home Again Farm by Janet Sullins

  •  Alpacas in January by Janet Sullins

    Alpacas in January by Janet Sullins

  • Ringedneck Pheasant by Janet Sullin

    Ringedneck Pheasant by Janet Sullin

  • Night time on Christmas, TI Bridge in the background by James R. Miller

    Night time on Christmas, TI Bridge in the background by James R. Miller

  • Wolfe Island by Linda Crothers

    Wolfe Island by Linda Crothers

  • Janet Sullins called this

    Janet Sullins called this "Cold Plate"


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Sue Schongalla
Comment by: Sue Schongalla ( )
Left at: 9:56 AM Tuesday, January 15, 2013
I have forwarded this issue to our friends in Denmark. If it doesn't get them here, nothing will! Including the videos was a brilliant idea. Your online publication is the most welcome email to come up faithfully every month. like daylight arriving each morning, I count on it to improve my mood and remind me that there is a renewed and wonderful life on Wellesley Island waiting for me each spring. A thousand thanks. Sue Schongalla
Martin Zonnenberg
Comment by: Martin Zonnenberg ( )
Left at: 12:24 PM Tuesday, January 15, 2013
Dear Susie:
What a great way to start the New Year and to stay connected with the 1000 Islands throughout all seasons.
Your friends on Grindstone,
Martin and Ineke Zonnenberg, Mt Dora, FL
Bonnie Borrello
Comment by: Bonnie Borrello ( )
Left at: 11:16 AM Wednesday, January 16, 2013
How do you do it? Produce a top quality publication each month! I know, I know, you credit your contributors, but you put it all together and that takes time and talent.
Thank you, thank you for all you do. I love it and look forward to each issue.